Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am very happy to report that the trash cans are back in the city parks a month early. For the first time since I’ve lived here they have taken away the trash cans for the winter with the explanation that “they always do that.” The problem with that is that we still need trash cans.
One of the many reasons they are still needed is because even though it is winter, your dog still needs walked and dogs still do their business and you still have to pick it up. Instead of dropping it in the nearest trash in the winter you have to carry the heavy warm goo with you wherever you go. That is why we save plastic bags at St. Sebastian.

Regular plastic grocery bags are Okay but very bulky. Their advantage is that once tied they have a handle by which you may carry them. Slightly better is newspaper bags – especially Sunday’s – they are much easier to stuff into your pocket and are long so that they may be tied and carried, but they are prone to ripping and if it is an especially generous day from your dog, it is sometimes difficult to pull the bag inside out over your fist.

The penultimate is bread bags. They are thick, strong, compact, and long. I save these for special days. But even so – it makes a walk so much more enjoyable if there is a trash can and so you do not have to carry around even this special bag.

Then there are those who are so upset that they have taken away the cans that they leave their special gifts in the park. But you know what? It doesn’t just disappear. Everyone must deal with it then.

You know, it’s Lent. Are you carrying around a load? You know – you don’t have to. Dump your load at confession. Too many people spend too much of their time carrying their stuff around – trying to find the best way to carry it – but no matter how much you may shield yourself from it, you’re still carrying around a bag of stuff. The confessionals are ready. You will enjoy the rest of your journey so much more if you get rid of your load now. Soon, the confessional lines will get longer and longer the closer we get to Easter. Relieve yourself now. Enjoy the freedom. Even if you are a million miles away from where you are supposed to be, you can drop off your bag, turn around and start walking back and tomorrow you will be that much closer.

Don’t leave your mess for others to deal with. No matter how well you think you covered it over or made sure nobody saw, it’s still there and until it is taken care of properly, it’s still a mess that someone else risks accidently stepping in.

Help keep America clean. Put stuff where it belongs.


Karen said...

If you fold up the grocery bags (lenghtwise in half, in half again and then roll them from the bottom up) they're not too bulky. I find that they fit easily enough in a pocket when they're folded. We save them here for the dog and the baby.

I stood in line for 45 minutes last Saturday for confession. Figures, the one time I bring my six year old with me I stand in the slowest moving line I've ever encountered. I wonder if that was supposed to be a lesson in patience.

Anonymous said...

I take it that you have never walked a Great Dane.

lgreen515 said...

OK. Brilliant metaphor. But eww.