Tuesday, December 27, 2011


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “There was an evil in the world that God was powerless to combat without the help of men; a mystical partnership was being offered, stunning in concept and in its power to elicit the best in life.” from Michner’s, “The Source” (the perhaps “powerless" is not exactly true.)

QUOTE II: “There is nothing wrong with the love of beauty. But beauty, unless she is wed to something more meaningful, is always superficial.” from Donna Tartt’s, “The Secret History”


Frank sent this in:

The Diocese of Cleveland Enewsletter asks, "Did you know, the Diocese of Cleveland and our colleagues at FOX8 produce a weekly half-hour long 'TV Mass' for the homebound Catholic community in Northeast Ohio? The Diocese of Cleveland's Mass is broadcast every Sunday morning on Cleveland's FOX8 at 6:30 a.m."

From the same source, here is Bishop Lennon's Christmas message.

There was an excellent presentation at the last First Friday Club of Greater Akron by Mr. John Allen, Senior Vatican Correspendant for NPR. The title of the talk is "Rome is from Mars, America from Venus." I highly recommend it.

E. L. sent this picture in from her perch at Mass at Christmas.  Thanks!

Finally some people have asked that this year's children's Christmas ryhm be posted. I warn you it doesn't translate very well to reading. It should be up at some point however on our parishe's website under homilies.

Twas the night before Christmas
And packed was the Mass.
Not a creature was stirring?
Not even a chance.

The cars were all parked
In imaginative places
For in the small lots
There were no more spaces

And many a wife
To her husband thus talked
“We parked so far away
We could have just walked”

All the people were stuffed
10 or 12 to a pew
Perched 2 to a chair
Such a crowd the Mass drew.

Each grown up was fussing
With some consternation
Trying to follow
The new Mass translation.

Fr. Pfieff in the rectory
Said gifts he was wrapping
But between you and me
He’s most probably napping.

And mid crying babies
And cell phones a ringing
Shuffling feet
And off key folks singing

Betwixt kneelers a banging
And noses a sniffling
And pleads to go bathroom
From the sniffling one’s sibling

When in a manger
Amid all this clammer
Was a babe born
In the humblest manner

Whom angels proclaimed
And shepherds laud
On whom the star shown
And ox stood awed

In Mary’s lap
With Joseph beside
I knew He’s the one
Prophets prophecied

The cause of our presence
Can you guess His Name?
It’s Jesus of course,
The Christ! Him the same!

Now think of the name
Of this wonderful day
We call it Christmas
“Merry Christmas” we say

The first part if Christmas
Is His very name
Keep Christ in Christmas
For it’s Christ who came

And lo and behold
The suffix (if I may)
Is M-a-s “Mass”
This is Christ’s Mass Day

He came here befriending
The world: me and you
Not just for one day
But the entire year through

In January, February,
March, April, May
Each Sunday in June
And July I dare say.

Through August, September,
October, November.
Which brings us right back
To this day in December

So in all that we do
From work, rest, or play,
Or opening presents
On this special day

Has a reason and purpose
and is full of meaning
for now heavens our future
and God is our King

So please remember
With the day’s each delight
The reason we celebrate
This special night,

Is Jesus, is Jesus
So at bed time tonight
Pray thank you to Him
With all of your might.

Help them remember
You moms and you dads
And pray along with them
That wouldn’t be bad

Then pray each day
That you might grow
To a friendship with Him
Your God – and lo!

You will have received
The best gift of all
A friendship with God
Whom we call Father of all.

So ending this now
(this fanciful flight)
Merry Christmas to all
And to all (who will actually get some sleep tonight)

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Trevor said...

Cardinal Angelo Amato's (lesson learned on how to address clergy properly learned in previous Ale post...)comments to the gentleman approaching for communion while being in an irregular marriage was a great example of how Catholic Law and other laws in general do set up an ideal with the understanding that the individual typically make 'rational and intelligent judgments on how those rules apply.' The pastoral dimension of Catholic law is most certainly misinterpreted (as Mr. Allen mentioned). He does a great job illustrating this. I liked the analogy of the crock pot vs. microwave, as well. The annual operating budget of $240 million for the Vatican was amazing after hearing Notre Dame University’s is $1.2 billion! I second the motion that this is a great audio file to hear…