Monday, December 26, 2011


Don't bother trying to tell me that people do not go to confession anymore.  This past week we heard confessions coming out of ears.  Of course, part of it was that we found out that we were almost the only parish in the area that were having confession the two days before Christmas and so we were a little inundated.  (That's a good thing I know.  We are very lucky.)
On the other hand there were a LOT of people I never saw before in my life.  When we were done I had to ask someone how they even found at that we were having confessions for they were definitely from some distance away.

The Christmas weekend went relatively smoothly around here.  Another thing that we do that less and less parishes are doing is have midnight Mass at midnight of all times.  But that makes for a late night (and an early morning.)  But it is so worth it.

Afterwards we have a little "after glow" to talk about the Mass and talk ourselves off of the high so that we can fall asleep for a couple of hours.
I think we were finally able to lock the place up and go join our families around 3PM.  The problem is that we have not sleep very much while our families are all full of vim and vigour.  My cousins always put on a GREAT spread but I am always so zonked trying to enjoy it.  It is a bit of joke among my family members how rough I usually look at the Christmas gatherings.

Food is of course followed by the opening of presents.  They are so very kind to wait for me before this takes place.  The least I could do is try to stay awake for it.

I find ways to sneak in naps during the day when I can.

There is a definite negative side effect however.  I'm just finally rested and ready to go when they are ready for bed.

But I would not change anything for being a priest in the world.  Thank you Jesus!

And God bless each and every one of you.

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The.Baroness.Von.Korf said...

Merry Christmas to you too Father. Hope your recovering from your first day of Christmas. Only 11 more to go.