Monday, December 5, 2011


Sorry this is late and short today. Lots of business around here between Christmas coming and the diocesan capitol campaign going on.

So I was sitting here thinking what was the most interesting thing that happened here this past week. It is perhaps the thing that people have been asking me about the most.

This past Friday we had a karaoke night to HELP raise money for the organ project. Because we are having the diocesan capitol campaign we cannot really do a big ask so we resort to such things as this which I will admit I thought was going to be HORRENDOUS but which turned out to be quite a success (save for a couple of the videos I could have done without.)

There was one particularly interesting part however. It reminded me of that scene in Arrested Development when Michael Bluthe was going to sing with his cousin Maybe (sp?) during a similar karaoke event. The song they chose was Afternoon Delight not realizing what the song was about until they were half way through finding themselves in a very awkward position.

So a very nice parishioner put my name in to sing a song with her. It was from the musical Grease. If you are familiar with that musical it is about as innocent as musicals can be and is often staged by high schools – which might be Okay still, but if one is going to sing that song with a person of the fairer sex, one should check out the words before one sings it especially if that person is a priest vowed to celibacy.

In particular was this part:

He got friendly, holding my hand

While she got friendly down in the sand

He was sweet, just turned eighteen

Well she was good you know what I mean

Funny how the audience suddenly was paying close attention. Funny how my ears burned. Funny how I lost my voice at that very moment.

It just goes to show you: You can’t trust Broadway.


Grant Winney said...

Thanks for the good laugh Fr V! :) I miss Arrested Development...

De Liliis said...

'So too, the priest who is the salt of the earth must in his necessary contact with the society by which he is surrounded, preserve modesty, gravity and holiness in manner, action and speech, and not allow himself to be infected with the levity, dissipation and vanity of the worldly. He must, on the contrary, in the midst of men, keep his soul so united with God that he lose nothing of the spirit of his holy state, and be not constrained to make before God and his conscience the sad and humiliating avowal: "I never go among laymen that I do not return less a priest."'

Pope Leo XIII

Anonymous said...

It's OK Father, not all of us take the words literally. And it was a fun night and you and Fr. Pfeiffer were very good sports.

Anonymous said...

@ De Liliis

I rather think that all Christians/Catholics are considered "salt of the earth" and are held to the same standard of holiness as priests and religious, so let us point the finger at ourselves first. Also, Jesus spent much time with "sinners" and did not return any less the Priest. And thank goodness that He did! God bless!