Wednesday, December 7, 2011


There has been a LOT of press lately about how awful the new translation of the Missal is.  If you are an Adam’s Ale reader you know that I am very for it as are, I take it, most of my readers.  After all, the banner at the top of the blog proclaims this to be a place for Catholics “who are happy to be Catholic.”

But there has been a whole host of drones lining up to whine to the press how terrible things are.  It sports the usual line up of people who are invariably the first to complain about just about ANYTHING that the Church does.  Locally we can just about guess what is going to be said by certain individuals just by reading the by-line of the article.  (I suppose the converse might be said of this blog!)

Of course there will not be the headline, “The Vast Majority of Practicing Catholics Who Actually Show Up at Mass on Sunday and Support Their Parishes Are Either Thrilled with the New Translation or At Least Willing to Give It a Go.”  Nor will the headline be seen, “We’ve Found a Very Disgruntled Catholic Who Is Opposed to the New Translation.”  No, it is meant to sound like the very ground itself is swelling up in revolt.

Some things are going to happen: it is going to snow in northeast Ohio, Cleveland sports teams are not going to win any national honors, and the Catholic Church which has the job of trying to help over a billion people get to heaven is going to do something that you don’t like.  I don’t like the “dewfall” or the phrase, “Graciously grant” (I find it hard to say) but you know what – MAKE IT WORK.  We have to do it and it won’t help anyone get to heaven groaning over it.  You might even find you grow to like it as much as I do already.  Either that or choose to be miserable, but know that that is a deliberate choice. 

If you know of someone who is having difficulties, here is a great video to show them.  Thanks to Fr. B for bringing it to my attention.


Trevor said...
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Trevor said...

”You might even find you grow to like it as much as I do already. Either that or choose to be miserable, but know that is a deliberate choice.“ This can be used in many aspects of life. Well put, Father. Great video, too!

Mike said...

ah, man. i love 'dewfall!'