Monday, August 30, 2010


So, I was sitting in our lunch room enjoying a midday repast and reading the news when Ed, one of our ever vigilant and talented staff members, came in and said, "Jesus is here."

"Oh?" I responded in a droll manner.


"Pray tell."

"He just pulled up in the back of a truck."

"HE DID?" This was great news! We were expecting Him! He is the new statue being installed in the new plaza at Saint Sebastian. The statue comes from St. Procop Parish, which was part of the closings that took place in the Diocese of Cleveland.

The funny part was seeing the statue inside the truck. It looked a bit more like Jesus was being kidnapped. As you can see here from a picture taken from on top of Zwilser Hall, the seating wall for the plaza has been under construction for the past week and we have been anxiously awaiting the image of Jesus as the centerpiece of this area.
As we came around the corner we saw this scaffolding set up which the workers used to gently place the statue where in needed to be.

As the image of Jesus lifted up into the air I said, "Can you guys come back and do this on (the Sunday closest to) Ascention Thursday? We can have a reenactment and have a festival. The men politely laughed and said, "Yeah, you're a real side splitter Father." Hardy ha ha. . .

It is the last six feet of the journey and it is the most difficult. Houston, we have lift off.
The Eagle has landed! There He is to stay - the Sacred Heart! May He continue to inspire the people of West Akron as he did the Bohemian people of Saint Procop.


Matt W said...

Great pictures! The statue looks great. I can't wait to see what the fabulous grounds crew will do in that bed.

How is it you get picture of everything, but we never see you with a camera?

Fr. V said...

Fake eye - camera implant. (Make sure your kids start that rumor at school.)

Anonymous said...

I saw the statue on Saturday evening. It is a wonderful addition to our grounds. I am on the ground's crew so we'll need to think about what we will do with the area around it.

Adoro said...

Definitely pics to save for parish history. :-)

You'll be wonderfully blessed with the Sacred Heart. :-)
(Incidentally one of my favorite devotions...)

Anonymous said...

It is so great to see the statues from the closed parishes being moved and put to good use. We have acquired a few statues and in the inside of our more "modern" church building is looking MORE Catholic!

By the way when I was in high school Baby Jesus was kidnapped and a ransom note was left in the manger...yes it was a Catholic high school and Baby Jesus was returned unharmed.

Mary B