Tuesday, August 4, 2009


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Oh, how beautiful will be the day of Resurrection! Those beautiful souls will be seen coming from heaven like glorious suns, to unite themselves to the bodies they animated on earth. The more those bodies have been mortified, the more they will shine like diamonds.” From St. John Marie Vianney’s, “Eucharistic Meditations” More quotes here.

QUOTE II:I think those are drawing nearer to heaven who, in this life, find that they need men less and love men more – in being loved and not being needed.” From C. S. Lewis’ “The Four Loves”


Oh happy day! This is the first feast of St. John Marie Vianney under his new title of patron saint of all priests! St. Vianney, pray for all of us priests!

In honor of the day Fr. P. and I have dubbed one of our guest rooms as the St. Vianney suite.

And I offer a prayer out to all you young men who are considering a call to the priesthood.
A study in Ohio weather:
Michael sent this in: “I am writing on behalf of Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), an international Catholic charity under the guidance of the Holy Father whose mission is to help suffering and persecuted faithful worldwide.

As an international Catholic charity under the guidance of the Holy Father, Aid to the Church in Need’s mission is to help suffering and persecuted faithful worldwide. As the voice of the suffering Church, with the help of our ACN family of faithful — hundreds of thousands of concerned and committed Catholics worldwide — we reach out to assist people in need in over 145 countries. Each year, we fulfill more than 5,000 projects through our spiritual and material aid programs. Our shared goal: To help strengthen the Church and keep the Faith alive."

You can also support the organization just by following them on the web and by spreading the word about their mission and the work they do:
Follow Aid to the Church in Need on Twitter.
Become a Fan of the charity on Facebook.
Read their blog at churchinneed.wordpress.com.
View photos of projects and people on Flickr.

CK sent this video in that is intriguing. What is your take on it? 1.5 minutes.

Rob is back in action! He is continuing a Scripture Study over at Ecce Verbum Dei

For those who are somewhat more local: Theatre of the Word is coming back to Ohio. They were at St. Sebastian last year and greatly enjoyed. Much of the cost for bringing them here came from a local Chesterton society and myself. Is anybody interested in helping them return this year? It was a great to do!

By the by, whilst we were at it, we named our common room the Chesterton Room. A silly practice perhaps but none-the-less done.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to CK for the "Population Myth" video. I have been aware of the "population bomb-ers" for years. Austin Ruse of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) has written well about this issue. "The world is awash in food." It is governments that want to eliminate certain ethnic groups and thus make it impossible to get food to the people who need it. The poor are told that birth control and sterilzation are the answer to their poverty. Nonsense. More children mean more help to grow more food, just as large farm families in our nation used to be the norm. An in-depth study of the issues shows that the Church is right: birth control and killing the weak are not the answers to poverty. But to the uninformed, these "quick fixes" sound like the right answer.

Anonymous said...

I support Aid to the Church in Need. They are a very good organization, begun by one courageous Dutch priest, Fr. Werenfried von Straaten, after WWII. At that time, hatred of the German people was still so intense that a relief campaign to help them seemed nearly inconceivable. But Father Werenfried refused to underestimate God's grace — or mankind's capacity for mercy and forgiveness. Now they work in Eastern Europe and Russia, Mexico and South America, the Philippines, Africa and the Middle East.

Adoro said...

I love the names for the rooms! :-) Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Regardng the over-population video, I recall in the earlier days of legalized abortion that the argument was made about abortion being bad for the economy (think about the companies that manufacture baby items; build schools; print textbooks; sell children's clothing and shoes). Now I'd like to propose that after 36 years of legalized abortion, we have a housing market crisis because the citizens aborted 36 years ago would have been moving into larger homes for their growing families, just as the baby boomers were downsizing. Those aborted 26 years ago would be looking to buy starter homes. I'm not saying that abortion is bad for economic reasons (nor were the original arguers of this point. They were trying to reach out to people who thought abortion was a good thing, to control population and provide more food etc. for the people who would be left behind.) When we tamper with God's law, we do end up with unforseen, negative consequences, as Pope Paul VI had predicted.

Elena LaVictoire said...

An idea for funding the return of Theatre of the Word - put a Paypal button on the parish web site?