Wednesday, August 19, 2009


In a discussion about being pro-life, a Catholic asked me recently, with sincerity, whether we have the right to force our religion on other people when working for national policy. The question was asked with genuine concern. It is easy to lose nerve in this political climate and to think that we are trying to make the world Catholic.

Of course we have the right to do everything in our power to bring such ideas into law in our country. Don’t be cowed in the least in this regard. Are you not an American citizen? Do you not believe that what we teach we do not because it is Catholic but it is because we believe that it is the very best way that people and societies can live? That it would be healthiest for all? Of course. We do not want to make Mass attendance mandatory for everybody – but we want to stop what is destructive to the society in which we live and imbue our nation with all that is noble in mankind.

Those who would accuse Catholics of forcing their faith on others do so out of the mistaken idea that there is some sort of neutral or natural way of being. There is no such thing. Everybody worships at some altar whether it be in a sanctuary or at the altar of man or what have you. For some inane reason even Catholics are buying into the notion that being pro-life is a hard line Christian position. It is not. I would say that it is more pro-human that so called humanists.

Your position on such topics as life are just as valid as anyone’s in a democracy. They are not invalid because they also correspond to your beliefs.


Matt W said...

Amen! Archbishop Chaput explains clearly and concisely (not as concisely as you, Fr. V) how and why it is important for Catholics to live out there faith in the public/political sphere.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Father. Thanks for addressing this topic. Regarding "health care reforms," perhaps if we had not aborted 50 million of our citizens, we would not be having a "social security crisis," lack of funds to pay for end-of-life care, and even a lack of buyers for homes and merchanidise. I don't mean to sound "utilitarian," but we do need people to be born in order for society to continue. People are God's plan on earth to keep the world going. Jesus Christ "came in the flesh" and worked and took care of His Mother and helped His friends and.....

Victor S E Moubarak said...

If Christians don't stand up for Christian values - who will?

The problem is that many Christians have forgotten the Christian values.

Lat's go back to basics and start with God's message in the Bible.

Instead of debating it and interpreting it to suit our modern selfish lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Catholic politician who considers his faith so private that he doesn't want to impose it on others or even himself!

Gabriella said...

Our faith is our way of life.
We must be proud of our faith.
Well said, Fr. V. :)

Anonymous said...

its good if one can stand for his views and beliefs
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