Monday, August 25, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "Do people who can really talk to each other without reprisals have the best marriages? Where has kindness, forgiveness gone in the world?" From Patricia Highsmith's, "Ripely Underground"

QUOTE II - "Optime positum est beneficium ubi meminit qui accipit." "It's best to do favors for people with long memories." From Rose William's, "Latin Quotes"


I am having troubles getting my AOL mail but hope to rectify that soon. But for now if you are expecting a reply you may have to wait a little. All the other posts that I would normally post today are stuck there at the moment. I fear what may be waiting for me when I get that service back! Sorry there is no more to the post today!

God bless!


Anonymous said...

And why are you still using AOL?

Get online - get something better - get away from AOL! (It was bad when it's worse now that it merged with Time Warner).

Just walk away....

Anonymous said...

The problem with AOL is AOL! I agree w/ anonymous. SBC's service has been very good to me so far, and only $20 / month.

Lillian Marie said...

I concur w/ both Anons! I used to work for CompuServe (one of the BEST on-line & email companies in the world...that is until WorldCom got it's hands on us).

Anyway - get something better. Most of the on-line emails will allow you to download to Microsoft Outlook (that way you can keep your emails on your desktop) or you can choose an online email such as, which has unlimited storage.

Move on up in the're using a 'Chevette' - it's about time you move up to a 'Caddy'.

Anonymous said...

Fr. I agree, get rid of aol. And don't go to Netzero, which is my server. But of course, I DO need internet access so there it is. But gmail is free, so maybe that's a better one for you.

Anonymous said...

I agree dump AOL
I find that Sbcglobal net works great

Unknown said...


No dear he is using a Yugo, chevettes are a much better car... granted not by much...

AOL...sheesh... time to upgrade to big boy internet :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2 here again. Father, I'll bet you never thought that the AOL comment would generate so much discussion. And all that good Latin... pearls before swine.

Most people have only long memories for the malum and not the bonum. How many times have I heard "Quid me faces ultime" or words to that effect?

Lillian Marie said...

Kat - you're right! Better a chevette or yugo than a pacer, vega, or pinto, all which acquired a reputation for extremely low quality, similar to AOL.

(actually - they had better quality for fixing appliances - using the car parts - than running as cars!) LOL