Sunday, November 11, 2007


"The dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than you love yourself." - Lord Byron

Thanks Russell.


Kaz sent this in. I don't know much about this group but the "Noah's Ark" game at the bottom is pretty fun. Thanks Kaz.
Jay reports that Catholic Carnival 144 is up and running. Watch for Catholic carnival 145 right here coming this week!

The Diocese of Cleveland E-Newsletter wants you to know about a new Catholic web site called that provides excellent books and timely resources to bridge the gap that can occur between everyday life and the Catholic faith.

Catholics in a Small Town is an interesting podcast if you need to listen to something and are sick of radio talk talk shows.


Adrienne said...

Active Parishioner looks to be a pretty good resource. Thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

That dog is much too docile! My sister has 2 dogs: black lab & yellow lab mixed w/Pyrenees & German Shepherd. They are so rambunctious & full of energy!! Can we trade?? Nah! Jake & Lucky are now part of the family.

I've been using the Active Parishioner this week - great site!
Lillian Marie

Anonymous said...

About that dog and boy..awwwwwww.
:-) We lost our 9 yr old oversized English Springer spaniel on July 31 who was very similar in personality. Everyone goes silent when they see his grave; he was the neighborhood "greeter" - whether you cared for doggie slobber or not. Folks used to knock on the door to see if he could come out. Grandson now tries to fling himself similarly on son's cat.. it doesn't work out as well.

And the Active Parishioner site is great. Thanks for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

PS.. did ya see --Rob's wife is in delivery mode! Yay! Prayers for them all :-)

Anonymous said...

Father, I wouldn't be recommending the Active Parishioner website to anyone. Have you had a look at some of the books and magazines they are recommending?

Adoro te Devote said...

I LOVED the dog!

When I was a kid I was "adopted" by our neighborhood greeter, a big St. Bernard. She used to come hang out with us in our yard while my Mom hung laundry or did other stuff, and Suzie would just lay down and be a pillow for me while I took a nap. I think I even "rode" her a couple times.

She was a real sweet girl, and only growled when "her" charges met with some seeming threat. She never bared her teeth to kids (teenagers sometimes when they were mean to her and she had a right to give a warning snap), but never little ones.

Ya gotta love those big kid-loving dogs. :-)