Friday, November 2, 2007


Here's a short little ditty. It may make you want to change your plans today so be careful.


Jay announces that Catholic Carnival 143 is up and running.

LM sent this in to see the Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA. See the glory of God's creation!

David sent this in about the movie "Bella" which also links to other related stories.

Finally, Kaz sent this in. This is the only day out of year it would be worth mentioning. If you want the tune the Midi button at the bottom will play it for you.


Adrienne said...

I felt like slashing my wrists after that video. It buried me under an avalanche of Catholic guilt. It doomed me to a day of misery and worry. It has probably paralyzed me into complete inaction. You can't show that kind of stuff to adults with ADD. It's needs a warning label.

Warning: If you already think you are the laziest, most disorganized, worthless human being on planet earth (or for that matter, in the whole universe) then DO NOT watch this video. It will confirm what you already know to be true!

On the other hand -- it has also given me a good idea for my post tomorrow:)

Thanks Father V

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the link, Father.

Adoro te Devote said...

I was at work when I watched it. (I can't watch it at home because I'm on dialup)

But I'm terribly condemned by it all the same.

Wow. What a Waste of Oxygen Amoeba I am!

uncle jim said...

SO! What SHOULD I be doing?
Am I spinning my wheels?
Does my current expenditure of time and talent need to be reevaluated?