Monday, November 12, 2018


As I have shared with you recently, it is time for glasses.  Not all of the time.  Mostly just for reading.  And sometimes they are really, really needed and other days not so much.  All this makes it difficult to keep track of glasses.  If I need them they move around with me.  If not, I leave them somewhere or in a shirt pocket making them difficult to find the next time they are needed.  This, I am sure, has been been a problem for those who wear glasses since they were invented.  BUT there is an advantage that a priest has to help him in this regard:
As difficult as it can be to live without your glasses, people do - and their keys - and their wallets - and all manner of winter clothing.  So occasionally I will look through the Lost and Found box:
And then it is time to wait.  Months.  We put notices in the bulletin, display all of the items (usually at the end of winter) in the back of the church (it's fun when someone is reunited with a glove or something that was a Christmas gift) and then it is all returned to the Lost and Found box where it is taken - if it is in serviceable condition - to charity.  

BUT - if the glasses are still there . . .

And this works out great.  The rectory is a large building.  The living space is quite spread out and then there are our offices.  I have been able to accumulate an assortment of serviceable glasses and place them in various places: on my desk - at my chair - by my bed - so that wherever I am there will be a pair of glasses.

Except that I have the terrible habit of flipping them up on the top of my head - wearing them to my chair where I want to relax a little and taking them off and putting them on the side table so that I don't break them (in case anybody recognizes them and wants them back.)  But this habit kind of ruins the careful planning.


Anonymous said...

There will be the day when you finally give up and get bi-focals and wear them "all the time". I even have been known to sleep in mine. Oh my, it so wonderful to age and so gracefully.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's it then - Father Valencheck is going to be my new optician!