Tuesday, November 27, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Not long ago, the household was a context of daily life.  The arts that provided for the material needs of human life were largely home arts, practiced, developed, and passed on within the four walls, or at least in the immediate ambit of the home."  from John Chudback's article, "Reclaiming the Household" in First Things Nov. 2018

QUOTE II:  "Even those who intentionally seek to have  'traditional' family life, in fact, often lack the ability to comprehend the reality of a household that is not merely 'traditional,' but ancient and profoundly human.  They set out to start a family in a virtual vacuum.  The husband and father usually sallies forth to a remote job, and the wife and mother attempts to manage the day-to-day work of child-rearing - a project the real nature of which is elusive - while wondering what place she too might have 'out there'."  same source


Last night we had a special Theology on the Rocks.  It was an encore presentation of Fr. Klonowski's talk on some best practices of bringing adult children (and others) back to the faith.  The topic is so important that we the event was held free (thank you for the free will offering) and at Zwilser Hall.  Despite the poor weather conditions and the lack of certain beverages we still had about 70 people!
Fr. K gave "5 Don'ts and 5 Dos" for helping bring people back to the faith.  They were posted here many months ago.  Go HERE if you would like to see them again.
If you would like to hear the talk.  Go HERE.

This is what it looks like when the organ is being tuned.  Tuesday, Advent Noon Adoration and Organ Recitals are coming up soon!
 Theology on Tap is coming up - I'll be giving the talk that I gave to ToR on architecture:
We gave a "Welcome to Akron" dinner to Fr. Zerucha, new pastor of St. Bernard and St Mary parishes.  Congratulations!
Six minutes with Matthew Kelly

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for welcoming Fr. Zerucha to Akron! Aren't we lucky?!

If Frs. Zerucha, Simone, Jordan, Bearer, Pfeiffer, and others are an example of the fine priests our seminary is ordaining, we are in very good hands indeed for the future. Not to mention yourself, Fr. V!

God bless and protect all our good Akron priests, especially Fr. Chris and Fr. Frank -

Sue from St. B