Tuesday, October 24, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Today, even the Church is increasingly fearful of inflicting pain: afraid of exercising appropriate authority or discipling her members, afraid of telling them hard truths."  from Patricia Snow's article, "Empathy Is Not Charity" in First Things Magazine.

QUOTE II:  "The saint is not empathetic; he is charitable, which means he always wills the ultimate good of his neighbor."  same source


Our beloved Poor Clares in downtown Cleveland finally have updated their website a little bit.  They have a fund raiser coming up about which you might have some interest.  See HERE.

Out walking the dogs early one morning and saw this at Schneider Park.  

B. S. sent in an article concerning the Pope and the death penalty.  I remember when John Paul II greatly curtailed the use of it. Pope Francis appears to take it even further.  Read more HERE.

P. V. sent in THIS article about Christopher Columbus.  In part it reads, "It is unfortunate to see what was once a uniting figure—who represented American courage, optimism, and even immigrants—is suddenly in the crosshairs for destruction."

Our first Trunk or Treat was the other night.  Here I am with Super Priest.  (I really don't know what I dressed as.)

E. P. sent in THIS article, "Did You Pray for Your Pastor Today?"

Here are some up and coming events that you might like to know about:

Our music director will be celebrating 50 years of being an organist and is having a celebratory concert on November 5th at 4:30.  Lots of fun music that kids too will recognize and enjoy.  Bring friends, family, and the unsuspecting stranger walking down the street.  Free and open to the public.
Theology on the Rocks is returning to D'Agnese's.  Newly ordained, Fr. Jim Cosgrove will be speaking.
Tacos and Trivia is coming up on November 4th at 6:30PM in Zwisler Hall.  More information and ticket prices can be found HERE.
Maybe you are not so much a taco person than a chili person.  You are in luck!  The Julie Billiart School of St. Sebastian, Akron is having its second annual chili fest on the same day.  (I happen to be both a chili person and taco person and so will be at both!)
The next Theology on Tap will be at Ray's Place with St. Sebastianite Mark Cook speaking and doing magic.

Both ToT & ToR are ministries of St. Sebastian Parish intended for all.  Thank you to those who put so much time and effort into these ministries.

Here is another clip about art sent in by D. S.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the spirit of your costume, I chose to believe that you were dressed as Edgar from The Aristocats, right about when he swipes the cats in the middle of the night and putters off to the country on his old French motorcycle and sidecar.

Jacob Coulter said...

The article in America Magazine represents the pope as claiming that the death penalty is intrinsically immoral. That is not a view that is compatible with our Catholic Faith.

Cathy K said...

Fr V, re: your outfit: Ready for take-off! "Come Josephine in my Flying Machine"!