Tuesday, October 17, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Self sacrifice is always tedious and tiresome.  Faith makes it palatable.  Love makes it a joy."  Archbishop Chaput.

QUOTE II:  "In the land of the deaf, you have to shout."  Flannery O'Conner


My office had the chicken pox.  This is my sister standing in my office as we were trying to figure out how the lights worked for our Autumn Nights Festival at St. Sebastian.
George Bachman provided live music for the event.  Here he is settling in for the evening.  All he needs is a red cap and he could be a garden gnome!
So in dog news . . . St. Sebastian may have a new resident.  His name is Archer.  Thanks to generosity of some parishioners, he may be an additional rectory dog.  Sebastian is going to be 11 in a few months, very old for a lab, but he's doing Okay with the help of modern pharmaceuticals.  My hope is that he will train the new dog to be as great a dog as he is.
He was found in Kentucky and was brought to a lab rescue in Ohio.  He is PAINFULLY skinny - something that should NOT be a problem at the rectory where I have to regularly beg the staff to stop feeding the dog.  He is here for two weeks after which we will need to decide if he is working out or not.  (We've still not heard him bark - maybe he will be a quiet dog like Monsignor over at St. Joe's.)

Ian Kelly, a seminarian from St. Charles came over for a visit yesterday and Archer took to him.

I think Sebastian is handling it Okay although with all the loving going on with the new dog he got depressed and went out back and stuck his head in the ground.

Well, maybe that is not the reason why - but it was funnier that way.

Last night we had Theology on the Rocks at a new location.  The Honorable Daniel Horrigan, Mayor of the City of Akron spoke at Bricco Prime with an OUTRAGEOUS amount of food provided by the restaurant.  There was defiantly more room here.  

 People seemed to like the new digs but it is rather far away from St. Sebastian.
So should we stay???  The next speaker will be Fr. Jim Cosgrove, newly minted priest and classmate to Fr. Simone, Fr. Bearer, and Father Jordan.  Keep an eye out for the location by following Theology on the Rocks on Facebook.
Here are some of the people that make ToR possible:
Here is an excellent video and part of an explanation of why St. Sebastian started the Academy of Culture and Arts for adults and children: (5:49)


lgreen515 said...

I thought the piece on modern art was interesting. i agree that artists generally don't strive for beauty any more. Nevertheless, there is some that I like. In 2012 the Akron Art Museum had an exhibit by El Anatsui, an artist living and working in Africa. What I like about this is the wavelike movement and the arrangement of colors. What is amazing about his work is that he makes it all from discarded bottle tops and labels, and that a museum can display it any way it wants. So the art is never the same.


Pat said...

Sebastian is in charge of barking.

Archer is in charge of tail-wagging.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the Andy Rooney video at the end of the video you shared? I miss seeing him on 60 minutes .