Tuesday, July 18, 2017


TUESDAY QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  "Unfortunately, many American Catholics tend to forget the role the church has played throughout history in shaping the public square." from Archbishop Chaput's, "Render unto Caesar


So as some of you know I have a former Methodist church building that I am trying to make Catholic on no budget to serve a Catholic school for children with learning challenges.  It is SLOWLY coming along with the help of friends but a slight panic is setting in as I realize that the school is opening NEXT MONTH.  Here are some of the advances:
I found a Stations of the Cross set that would fit the space about as well as I could hope yard saling it.    But they cost $625.  That is just about six hundred and twenty five dollars outside of my budget.  Any kind hearted donors out there?
I was given these for the school but they need $200 a piece to have the bowls redone (or $400 a piece to have the whole thing done but I am not picky.)  Anyone interest in helping out?
I went to bless some young men's house and saw this over the bar and it reminded me of the Catholic saying, "One of the good things about being Catholic is knowing the difference between an indecency and an indelicacy. 
 (If you didn't get it - it's Father [Valencheck], Son, and Spirits)

We had two missionaries visiting us this past weekend.  It was an interesting time hearing about India.  Fr. Emil told how his family lives close to the jungle and how elephants and monkeys sometime come and destroy their garden.  And you thought rabbits and deer were a problem.
Terry Heckman gave the last Theology on the Rocks.  Hope to see you there next time too!

Can we know Truth without the Church?  2:19 minutes.

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