Tuesday, July 25, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  ". . . 'Secular space' does not imply or require secularism."  from Archbishop Chaput's, "Render unto Caesar"

QUOTE II:  "Government is limited because politics by nature is limited, just as life in this world is limited.  Politics does not exhaust our humanness.  In fact, it's absent from the most important dimensions of life.  Anyone who doubts these merely needs to think about his or her relationship with a child, spouse, or parent, a valued friend or colleague.  We are much more than political animals."  same source


Adam sent this in.  I found it EXCELLENT and wanted to share it with you.
I gave a talk to the ITE project here at St. Sebastian this past week.  (Find out more about it HERE.) The subject was Baconmas Day and its implications in salvation.  (Baconmas Day is the fourth Monday after Easter.)  There's more there than you might think.
Even though we were celebrating Baconmas in July, Rocco and I sang a traditional Baconmas Day carol.  I hate singing these things out of season (it seems to secularize the day) but I post it here for you today so that you can practice it and be ready to sing it on someone's doorstep this coming year.  It is to the tune of, "Good King Wenceslaus"  

Good St. Peter had a sight,
on a Jappa rooftop,
when the cloth revealed aright
the Creator's workshop.
"Take and slaughter all is clean
and is good for eating!"
No man is too lost or mean,
on the bacon evening!

Bring me bacon.  Bring me wine.
Gather all His people.
Let us pray and let us dine
'neath the church's steeple.
Page and monarch; are all called.
Let His grace none bypass!
Our redemption to recall
on the bacon day Mass!

Here is a video on Pornography addiction.  8.5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Matt Fradd is excellent on this topic! Just heard him at a conference recently.

You might want to add his site to your list of sites http://theporneffect.com as weak as well as update your 2009 page of resources. (http://clevelandpriest.blogspot.com/2009/12/pass-this-information-along.html)

Another great site in which Matt Fradd is involved is Integrity Restored: http://integrityrestored.com