Friday, October 29, 2010


There are more Catholics in the world than Roman Catholics. There are a number of Churches of the east in full union with Rome one of which being the Maronites. St. Maron lived the ascetic life and others came to follow his way of life. They were persecuted and took refuge in the mountains of Lebanon. The association with Lebanon remains to this day and in fact there are a few Maronite parishes in the Diocese of Cleveland with at least a good portion of their congregations of Lebanese background. This cross is most associated with this part of the Church.

The three cross bars represent the “INRI” proclamation, the cross bar on which our Savior’s hands were nailed, and even though it is squished up high and is proportionately unusually long is the “foot rest.” Other symbolism suggests that they represent the Trinity as well as the union of bishops, patriarchs, and the pope.

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