Tuesday, October 19, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “We divorce just as we are on the brink of greater love.” Fr. McNamera

QUOTE II: “The only satisfying desire you have is unsatisfying desire.” Fr. McNamera

QUOTE III: “Love’s like the measles: All the worse when it comes late in life.” Lady Holland


NOTICE: The priests of the Diocese of Cleveland are at a convocation with our bishop this week so I do not know that there will be any more posts until Monday. So if you come back and see nothing but this post for the rest of the week – you know why! If you wouldn’t mind – say a prayer for the priests of Cleveland.

A big, chilled stein of Oktoberfest Adam’s Ale to Vincenzo over at Sancte Pater who saved the Adam’s Ale header! I don’t understand these things but somehow it was damaged and he saved it for me. Thanks!

The next Chesterton meeting will be this coming Sunday. Check out the site to the right for details and readings.

I hope you had the chance to enjoy SCREWTAPE LETTERS. The place was quite packed.

If you are looking for a charity and a way to directly support vocations you might want to check out Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations. There are two trends facing vocations. One is that they are often later vocations than they were traditionally. (I did not go in into I was in my later 20s and I was in the middle of my class.) Secondly is that these later vocations are people who are often saddled with significant student loan debt and must pay them off before an order will accept them. This foundations helps them with that debt. In their last mailer there is a picture of (now) Sister Brigid Ancilla Marie, Sisters of Life, who was a member at my last assignment. She struggled to enter because of her debt. This organization assisted her and now she is a Sister of Life in New York.

Fr. O. sent this in: "I just wanted to give you a little "heads up" about a great little evening of reflection that is coming your way soon. St. Mary's in Hudson is sponsoring an evening entitled "Male and female he created them: What was God thinking?" This will take place on Sunday, October 24. The event begins with Mass at 5:30, followed by a presentation by two speakers at 6:45. My understanding is that the men will go to hear Fr. Larry Richards, and the women will go to hear Dr. Helen Alvare. Then you will come back together for a time of Eucharistic Adoration at 8:30. You can find a flyer for it here"

Frank sent this bowling game in. It's harder than it looks. WARNING: Addiction level MEDIUM.
Craig sent this 2.17 min. video in about the kids in the Newman Ministry at the University of Akron (5 minutes from Saint Sebastian.) "I just thought you might want to see what these kids are hungry for. This is an event they did in September. They begged for it to happen!" You will notice the beautiful interior of Saint Bernard St. Mary parish and a clip from the great preaching of Fr. Damian Ference, a professor at our seminary.


Anonymous said...

I found the promotional video reprehensible.

Anonymous said...

Father V -

As a member of SBSM parish, I wasn't exactly thrilled to see the AV screens, etc. cluttering up our beautiful altar, nor was I happy with the set up crew who seemed to be disrespectful of the Blessed Sacrament in their presence (I was there for afternoon Mass as they were preparing, and they were loudly talking and drinking coffee, etc. in the church as we parishioners were praying before Mass), but if my pastor allowed this event, it is fine by me. I trust his judgment and I am delighted with his spirituality and leadership. We are very lucky to have him, and I do not think Bishop Lennon could have selected a better pastor for our new parish than Fr. Dan.

Perhaps other parishes are not used to having the Newman Center students around, but we have a very fine group at UA. They are devout and eager to learn more about our faith. They have also made themselves useful by volunteering at our hunger programs and elsewhere in the parish. A former St. Bernard pastor, Fr. Schindler, specifically added the 8 PM Sunday Mass to our schedule so that the students would not be able to use the excuse of traveling home for the weekend for missing Sunday Mass. That particular Mass is probably our most-attended on a weekly basis, rivalling many other parishes' Christmas crowds, and I for one am glad to have the students as part of our parish.

It is sometimes better not to make assumptions about people from exterior appearances. They may not be dressed as we would want and their idea of church music may not be ours, but the Newman students from UA love Our Lord and our Catholic faith as much as more traditionally-minded people, and I am very happy to know they are part of our new parish.

Anonymous said...

i think the important thing is that we all find salvation---and being prejudiced--my hope is we are ALL catholic--if this is what it takes--so be it--i did take note of what seemed to be extreme reverence for the HOST---i am a recovering "born again christian"---thank god i found my way home to the fullness of the faith, i.e. the Catholic church---i am now a happy traditional catholic---i know there are those who visit our Mass, and want to run out screaming--the exact response i would have if i were present at what i just viewed---what makes me happy is that our Holy Father has made it possible for traditional catholics to celebrate the holy
mass in its extraordinary form in the light of day----i want this to be my wish for ALL persons of Faith---p.s.--even though i love gregorian chant---i also love good music with a beat--i love heavy metal-rock and roll--jazz-opera-classical--blues and more blues---i must admit though, my soul is not elevated with the previously mentioned--for me to join the angels and cherubims and seraphins--i must hear good serious music---but my final comment will be ROCK ON baby ROCK ON---with love nancy

Augustina said...

This "music" gave me a headache. The Church is no place for hootenany's or for wearing shorts. So many clergy bring themselves down to the level of the laity. They need to act, dress and be as Holy as they possibly can. St. Francis many times used no words when around people, yet they were drawn closer to Christ just be being in his presence of such holiness. Nowadays, we see priests and nuns dressed as if they were lay people, because they want to "mingle in" with the crowd. This is wrong! And modernistic thinking. The waving of hands to and fro, looks like some pentecostal service. Past time to get back to our roots and Tradition.

ck said...

Don't hate me, but I found the video appalling too. AV equipment, dancey-clappy, priest/people in and out of sanctuary, inappropriate music. Fine outside of mass, but not in the church.

I don't think Rome intends that the mass should come in flavors - charismatic, Polka, or otherwise. It's still liturgical abuse if the abusers are orthodox in their faith.

Hope that didn't sound TOO crabby. And I certainly don't object to you posting videos like this.

Anonymous said...

I think I'd like to check this event out for myself the next time they are having it. Do we know when the next one is at St Bernard-St Mary? I may lean traditionalist, but to see that many college students attend primarily for Eucharistic Adoration and with reverence, I'd like to see how I can support the college ministry. God is doing something there whether I understand it or not.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous (previous comment) -

You may want to check with the Newman Campus Ministry at St. Bernard-St. Mary. There should be a number or e-mail address listed on our parish website www.stbernardstmary.org or www.uanewman.org, which is the University of Akron Newman Ministry address.

Blessings from Downtown Akron

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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