Tuesday, October 30, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Every ideal is a judge . . . You put something up as an ideal and it stares down at you and says you aren't what you could be.  Every great piece of art does that."  Jordan Peterson.


IF YOU RECEIVED AND EMAIL FROM ME asking for a favor to buy something for me - don't believe it.  My Email account was hacked.  I spent way too much time this morning trying to figure out how to send a mass Email.  Online it says it should be easy peasy but I can't figure it out!  But no, if I need an iTunes card, I can buy it myself.  I cannot imagine needing an emergency one.

If you go HERE you will find a link to a documentary on Eric Armusik that is on German television.  Unfortunately about half of it is in German.  If you skip to the half way mark you can hear Eric speaking in English.  You will notice some of the paintings that are here at St. Sebastian.  

Here are some events that might be of interest to you:

This is one of my favorite pictures from the Holy Land.  We are in Masada in an ancient mountain fortress.  The mountain was completely surrounded by the Roman army that wanted to take it.  If you can spot the square far below, that was one of the Roman encampments.  Could you imagine waking up everyday knowing that they are down there waiting to find a way in????
I took a note from Fr. Trenta's playbook.  This is the first meal I had coming back to the United States.
Fr. Pfeiffer at a fundraiser with me for the Poor Claires this weekend.  He is multitasking eating and playing that Heads or Tails game at the same time.
This is phenomenal!  5 and half minutes.


Matt W said...

I've read stories in which tableaux vivants are mentioned or described, but had never seen one. So neat!

Karen B said...

Saw this elsewhere online. Thoroughly enjoyed. Pretty cool!