Tuesday, July 24, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Never seen a lawyer yet that could ask for butter without describing the cow."  from Jim Thompson's, "Heed the Thunder" with apologies to my lawyer friends but I loved this saying as it could be applied to so many people!

QUOTE II:  "But being scared doesn't need to paralyze a man unless he lets it.  Being scared is about the best way I know of being healthy."  from Jim Thomson's, "South of Heaven"

QUOTE III:  "You loved someone and they loved you, just as each of you was - good, bad and indifferent - the only way to love.  Because you were people, not gods, and you didn't make demands that it wasn't in the other fellow to meet.  And you were richer for having loved, for even a little while . . . "  same source


We had our annual staff outing yesterday and here is our captain hard at work:
 And we had a special guest for lunch:

P. V. sent in THIS article entitle, "The Problem of Sexually Active Priests."  Thanks.

S. S. sent in this new video in the Pivotal Players Series with Bishop Barron.

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