Tuesday, July 3, 2018


FINDING TRUTH WHEVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "I care not that the sceptic says it is a tall story; I cannot see how so toppling a tower could stand so long without foundation."  from G. K. Chesterton's, "Everlasting Man"

QUOTE II:  "It has endured for nearly two thousand years; and the world within it has been more lucid, more level-headed, more reasonable n its hopes, more healthy in its instincts, more humorous and cheerful in the face of fate and death than all the world outside."  same source


The Diocese of Cleveland put out an online article on our kick off of our 90th year.  See it HERE.

B. R. sent in THIS article about the 40 martyrs who were frozen to death.

E. G. sent this in:  Take a look HERE at what the St. Sebastian art teacher is doing.

Here are some pictures from the Mass this past weekend with Bishop Perez!

Upcoming event:  The St. Sebastian Chesterton Society will be sponsoring a one man play on Chesterton in honor of the parish's 90th anniversary.  Chuck Chalberg will be bringing G. K. Chesterton to life on Saturday, August 18th at 7PM at Bricco's Pub in the valley (None-Too-Fragile Theater) in Akron.  Tickets ($20) going on sale soon!  Keep an eye out for details!

P. V. sent in THIS article about a group working to promote harmony between science and faith.

Also sent in was THIS article about the named Chief Creative Officer of Pixar being a Christian.

The Brick Street Jazz and Wine Festival is coming up.  See more HERE.

TODAY'S VIDEO:  Go HERE to find an interview with parishioner Mark Cook at Franciscan University of Steubenville.  (I think Chesterton would approve.)

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Nan said...

Father stresses the importance of the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste, tortured because they were Christians and how we're called to follow their example of faith. The 40th martyr, the one who joined them is but one of millions converted upon seeing faith in action.