Thursday, July 26, 2018


This is the logo for the 185th anniversary of the first known Mass celebrated within the city limits of Akron.  On September 27th at 7PM, the Feast of St. Vincent, there will be a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Vincent Parish, the mother church of Catholic Akron, and you are invited.  At your parishes of the greater Akron area the weekend before and after you should see this logo.  

The purpose of this celebration is to give thanks for and celebrate our blessings and heritage, to ask for God's blessing for the future, to make people more aware of the Catholic presence in Akron, and to keep this event in mind as we approach the 190th and 200th anniversary.  If you can, please come participate in this event

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Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this! I hope, by that time, we have a new pastor to celebrate with us. Our cluster parishes (St. Sebastian, St. Vincent, St. Mary, and St. Bernard) do such a lot of good here in the inner city of Akron. I am convinced Jesus and Our Lady are right there with us. We owe it to our good priests over all these years. God bless you, Fr. Simone, Fr. Norm, Fr. Halaiko, Fr. Frank, Fr. Okoro, and your good seminarians!

Sue, OFS from St. B