Friday, May 4, 2018


The stained glass windows were made of baked glass by Francesco Marcione over a period of a year. These windows are dedicated to Our Blessed Mother as Queen, and depict her titles taken from the Litany of Loretto. 

Fourteen hand carved wooden statues carved by artisans in the Tyrolean sector of Italy surround the nave of the church. The eight side altars have two stained glass windows each that depict the lives of the saints to which they are dedicated.

The building of the new church did not end the services of the old church as a worship space.  For many years the new church would only be used for Sundays and other special events such as weddings.  Other Masses, especially the school Masses would still be held in the original church building.  The church was eventually turned into the parish hall (Zwisler Hall) and all Masses moved to the new church save for a Sunday contemporary Mass with banquet chairs and a temporary altar.  When the priest shortage began to hit in earnest and the pastor, The Rev. William Karg became the sole priest at the parish, all Masses were moved to the new church. 

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