Tuesday, May 24, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Love is the parent of brave actions."  from Sir Walter Scott's, "Ann of Geierstein

QUOTE II:  "Men lure no hawks with empty hands."  same source


PCV sent THIS ARTICLE in about the United Methodist pulling their support for a Pro-Abortion Coalition.  Interesting.

PROUD DOG OWNER:  They say that pets start reflecting their masters.  Yesterday Sebastian, a friend and I were walking and came across a pile of trash on the devil strip.  Sebastian jumped in and grabbed a new toy.  He has learned well from me as much of the house we live in came from other people's cast offs.
You know, people think he is all cute carrying around a stuffed toy.  "Oh look!  How adorable!"  Little do they realize he is carrying his prey, the dark side of which is only revealed later.  As is his want, he will later, in private, pin his catch beneath his giant paws and begin by chewing the eyes out and then pull the stuffed animal's brains out through those empty sockets.  

Real cute.
 Actually it is.

BIRD BRAIN:  Well, it's official,  It seems that I have a room mate - albeit one that lives on my windowsill.  She hasn't moved (that I've noticed) since I last posted about her.  I've wanted to work on that window box but I'll wait until the kids go off to school.
Here is the second installment of the Crash Course Philosophy.  It is still pretty good.  It is amazing how much this guy sounds like John Green from Mental Floss.  I hope you enjoy.  About 10 minutes.

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Chris P. said...

Well.. it's John Green's brother, Hank.

John and his brother do the Crash Course videos.

They're a great "101 level" primer to a bunch of subjects. Just don't be afraid to look at them with a critical eye (I'm looking at you, Crash Course World History #17, the Mongols)