Tuesday, May 3, 2016


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "But enthusiastic skepticism is not the enemy of boundless optimism.  It's optimisms perfect partner.  It unlocks the potential of every idea." Astro Teller.


Here's the update on the icon we commissioned from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery for the 90th anniversary of St. Sebastian Parish.

Christ is Risen!
Hello Father, just a quick note to show you how the icon is coming along :) He looks like he's wearing war paint right now :) That's the first layer of light (called a highlight). Do not worry, he won't stay orange forever :)
God bless!
Sr. Iliana

Christina sent THIS TRAILER in for the movie "Poverty Inc."  It is provocative and the thought behind the movie is why I promote Catholic Relief Services because this is the type of aid that they try to provide. 

Bill sent THIS ARTICLE in concerning Italian art and your health.  Thanks.

Want a way to pray for vocations?  Cathy sent THIS SITE in - Invisible Monastery.  Thanks.

This is a 9 minute video by Bishop Robert Barron on why it's okay to be against heresy.

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He's a Bishop now?