Tuesday, August 4, 2015


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The Bible contains not only records of what transpired in moments of prophetic inspiration; it also records acts and words of man.  It is incorrect to maintain that all words in the Bible originated in the spirit of God.  The blasphemous tirades of Pharaoh, the rebellious utterances of Korach, the subterfuge of Ephron, the words of the soldiers in the camp of Midian, emanated from the spirit of man.  What the prophet says to God when addressed by Him is not considered less holy than what God says to the prophet in addressing him."  from Abraham Heschel's, "God in Search of Man"

QUOTE II:  "It is easier to enjoy beauty than to sense the holy."  same source


From the Diocese of Cleveland: To replace the Catholic Universe Bulletin (greatest name ever) we are launching a new magazine.  Read more about it HERE.

Fr. K and I took a road trip recently and saw this sign.  How lucky for these people to live in Chesterton Land.  Will they change the name to St. Chesterton should that come about?

While in Chicago visiting Fr. Marty we saw this nifty holder someone made for the Ordo.  I think I may need to make one.
Here's another 4 minute letter:

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Anonymous said...

if you had gotten off of the Indiana Turnpike at LaPorte and taken route US20 into Chicago you would have saved some time and some miles and money