Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Despite all the gloom and doom out there, I think we are entering a great moment in the life of the Church.  If history is a consistent teacher, then all of this confusion and persecution is a precursor to God's action.

Look even before the foundation of the Church.  When did things start turing around in the Old Testament?  Just when things looked most bleak.  It was at that moment that a prophet or king arose and refined everything.  

In the history of the Church it was when things seemed hopeless that saints arise and that a new fervor, particularly from places unexpected (a man in poverty, begging and wearing odd clothes named Francis?  Really?  HE is going to restore the Church by telling people to be poor and live roughly?  Does THAT sound like a message anybody would buy?) 

The pot is being stirred.  The ingredients are being added.  The burner is lit.  Like a good soup it will not be done instantly.  It takes a long time for everything to simmer and then for the flavors to properly mix, and then cool and be served.  It is a process and a long one if you are already hungry.

Faith and hope. 

(About the title - It's aways darkest blah blah blah)

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Stephen said...

Dear Father,
Your blog is becoming a very important part of my morning.
This morning's blog is an excellent example of why. I used to hate turning on my computer. Now, I am happy to turn on my computer because I go directly to Adam's Ale. Adam's Ale justifies the entire internet. Thank you Lord Jesus for Father Valencheck and his Adam's Ale. Father Valencheck and his blog are proof of the saying, " The more you are worth, the less you are paid."

Thank You Kindly,