Tuesday, September 30, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Do not trust anyone, ever, if you hear them yelling into a telephone."  from Steve Hamilton's, "The Lock Artist"
QUOTE II:  "I didn't know that once you have proven yourself useful to the wrong people, you'll never be free again."  same source
QUOTE III:  "There's nothing quite as empty as an empty safe."  same source

The Diocese of Cleveland's sister diocese is in El Salvador.  This year we celebrate 50 years of cooperation between our dioceses and Cleveland's presence there.  Read more here.

Starting tomorrow I will be in El Salvador and so there will be no posts for approximately 2 weeks.

Do you remember the post and video of a few weeks ago about robots and computers taking over the world?  Christina (who was brought into the Church this past weekend) sent in this article with an alternative view.

My cousin Fr. Trenta, in residence at St. Sebastian but who is currently studying in Rome sent this picture from a recent Mass he attended and helped distribute communion:
 This was the Mass from which the above picture was taken.  It is three hours!

Here is something lighter and only three minutes:


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this! It's always fun when you discover hidden talents in your priests!

Pat said...

We were watching the Mass on EWTN and during Communion I said Isn't that Fr. Trenta????