Thursday, September 18, 2014


There was a story on the radio about a guy’s first encounter with the acronym “LOL.”  His son signed off on a text to him with it and he assumed (as any good father would) that it meant “Lots of love.”  He spent the next month or so with the new found and what he thought of as hip knowledge writing notes to people such as, “Dear Max, I heard about the death of your dog.  You are in my thoughts.  LOL, Dan.”


I only learned about these types of things when I started writing this blog and people would send me notes such as “ROFL.”  This would then require a trip to the day school to ask one of the students, “Okay, what does this one mean?”

The other day I was at our seminary and was astounded at all of the initials I encountered.  I am rather used to them and wonder what non-Catholics think about all of our nomenclature.  Some of them are particular to this diocese but not all of them.
While at the seminary I encountered SNDs and OSBs.  I was reminded that we were at the CPL which is mighty close to our newly designated PCLs which used to be DREs, but was changed because it was considered more appropriate to call them PCLs.  PCLs, formally known as DREs, are often in charge of PSR programs which used to be known, when I was a kid, as CCD classes.  Often parishes will send persons to the CPL to become a PCL in order to head up their PSR and RCIA classes.
But not only parishes will do this.  SNDs and OSBs as well as a host of other initials send their initials to the CPL to that we can have SNDPCLs or OSBDREs so they can help teach RCIA in parishes especially since PVs, formally known as associate pastors, are becoming rarer.
But can you imagine an OSB who has taken over a parish sending his OSB PV to the CPL to become a PCL (not a DRE) in order to do RCIA and PSR?  He would be an OSBPVPCL who could also help coach CYO.


Matt W said...

The thing with these acronyms is they can vary so much in meaning from one context to another. There's the parish DRE, then there's the urologist DRE. Both, again depending on context, can be a pain in the ....

Fr. V said...


Anonymous said...

OSB is not to be confused with SOB

Stephen said...

Dear Fr. Valencheck,


How much wood would the wood chuck chuck if the wood chuck would chuck wood?

Fr. V said...


Karen B said...

ok I give up. I missed the changing of the guard from DRE to PCL. So what does PCL mean? thinking, thinking...Oh wait, by George, I think I've got it....Parish Catechetical Leader? Tell me how THAT isn't perplexing! People can't even pronounce that big C word, if in fact I guessed correctly.

Cathy said...

HUH????!!!!!!!?????? Your sign post is very appropriate!

(Mostly, I HATE all these initials.)