Monday, September 22, 2014


There are approximately two million Slovenians in the world and I am one of them.  It is my opinion that there are generally two types of Slovenians.  They are distinguished in how they deal with time.  Take the following two cartoons as examples:

The first type almost invariably marry the second type.  This was most noticeable on Christmas Eve going home from Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Dad and I would be sitting in the car with the engine running because we all agreed it was time to go home and Mom was inside for a good extra half hour/45 minutes "saying goodbye."
Yes, I am of the first category.  I didn't think so until our new priest came to stay with us.
Still, I could convince myself that others just didn't get the value of time.  But then I received a sign that maybe I was going a little overboard.  Next to the door where we enter the sanctuary for daily Mass, there is a clock that ticks down the seconds until the bells are going to ring.  I usually have us line up after prayer and watch the clock, ticking down the seconds like New Years Eve in order to start Mass. 
It hit me that perhaps I am a little overboard when this past week, during the marking of the seconds, one of the servers broke out in . . .


Pat said...

Frank & Ernest:
"I used to be on time but there was never anybody around to appreciate it."

Matt W said...

So glad to see that the newest downy feathered curate Fr. Kovacina has joined the AA cast of characters.

Chris P. said...

Perhaps my favorite part of Monday blogs when I see the bust of a priest appear is to play a game I like to call "Vestments or Lederhosen"

Usually I can tell the difference with the pattern, with the St. S's chasubles having the lines come in at angles towards the stomach... but what I really fear is seeing Deacon T and his chasuble (or lederhosen) arrive on a Monday blog.