Tuesday, September 9, 2014


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "The defeated adversary learns from his first rebuff the character of the thing he has attacked; discovers its weak points; he learns how his opponent may be confused and into what compromises that opponent may be led."  from Hilaire Belloc's, "The Great Heresies"
QUOTE II:  "What we are commonly told is that the Western Empire was overrun by savage tribes called the "Goths" and "Visigoths" and "Vandals" and "Suevi" and "Franks" who "conquered" the Western Roman Empire . . . There was no barbarian conquest, but there was a continuation of what had been going on for centuries, an infiltration of people from outside the Empire into the Empire because within the Empire they could get the advantages of civilization."  same source

You might know the name Joel Osteen. He is the minister who teaches a prosperity Bible and claims that if you are a good enough Christian, God will reward you by giving you a cushy life. Since the above is focused on heresy, I though to post this link sent in by Adam entitled, "Joel Osteen and His Wife are Heretics and That's Why America Loves Them."

A long while back I wrote about some paintings that were marked to be burned and I volunteered to give them a new home in the rectory.  Somebody then asked if I could post them and I never did.  I finally remembered and so here they are:

Near as I can tell this is St. Matthew:
 This is definately St. Luke:
 I think this is St. Mark:
 And this is Saint John:
Frank sent this video in:  (5 minutes)


Pat said...

And let us also not forget Fr. Vincent J. Capodano, the Marines’ “Grunt Padre,” who died on a battlefield in Vietnam. Already wounded himself, Father was shielding another wounded Marine with his own body, which took 27 bullets.

And Fr. Al Schmitt, the first chaplain killed in WWII, who had been stationed on the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. When the attack started, he was pushing men out of a porthole to save their lives. He himself refused to come out and went back to find more men, when the ship capsized and sank.

Anonymous said...

I take it you are drawing on your knowledge of symbolism to identify the saints in the paintings! Also, great video...brought me to tears. Thank God for our priests!

Terry T said...

Thank you, Frank, for submitting the video and Father, for posting it. Makes my problems seem insignificant. Thanks for putting me back in my place.