Sunday, April 21, 2013


I can tell I've been getting kind of grouchy lately.   Unfortunate now that we are in the Easter season.  This is a time for rejoicing.  The main culprit in this is the missing of my annual spiritual retreat which I normally take in January but missed this year.
But it was not missed for light reasons.  Unforeseen circumstances had made it impossible this year:
But that will change soon.  They've dried out all the mattresses and got the water out of the attic and will soon be opening their doors again and I will be there with bells on and wading boots.

Of course there are other factors as well.  It is unfortunate that Fr. Pfieffer and I get along and that he has been a good priest for St. Sebastian for his four years is up with us this June and he will be moving on.  This would be a lot easier if he had been an untalented jerk then I would be looking forward to summer.
Although I'd rather not have an untalented jerk around for four years just to make parting easier.  Then there is the whole stress of wondering who will fill Fr. Pfeiffer's collar when he is gone.  Will he be easy to live with?  Will he be a talented, dedicated, faithful worker in God's field?  Will he cook fish?  Can he stand my dog?  Does he have a good movie collection?
Of course I remember being a parochial vicar and wondering where I was going live when my assignment was up.  Will it be a good place that serves God and His people well?  Will the rectory smell like fish?  Will the pastor have a good movie collection?
The only thing to do now is wait like being patient until the next episode of your favorite TV serial comes out.  Right now we are waiting for the end of the season when everything that is vealed will be revealed.
*Wednesday simply being a guess. 

Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion . . .


Anonymous said...

What's with the smell of fish?

Anonymous said...

Fr. Pfeiffer will be missed by many in our Parish. I thank the Lord for blessing us with him and you Father. Both of you are good shepherds.

Fr. V said...

My last parish the pastor only liked fish. Fr. Pf and I cannot stand fish - not the smell, taste, texture, look, or idea of fish. If my cow fell into the water before you made it into a steak, I would not eat it.

W.C. Hoag said...

For me, fish on Friday would not be a penance but rather cruel and unusual punishment! Yuck!

lgreen515 said...

I hope we will be getting a new "downy feathered curate." I will miss Father Pf. and I hope he gets a great assignment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fish explanation! Had to wonder what that was about!