Monday, December 10, 2012


Greetings friends,

There is not going to be a Monday Diary per se as there is a family funeral today.  My Uncle Fankie Spetich (of the Frankie Spetich Orchestra fame) passed away this past week and so time is limited today.
It was difficult to be Slovenian and for Frankie not to be part of your celebration.  He and his orchestra (also featuring my Uncle John also late of our company) played for countless weddings, club dinner dances, and community events while I was growing up.  His reach extended far beyond the city limits of Barberton but it was there that I was most familiar with his work.  As a child it seemed almost every week we had to be down at the lodge for a some event at which the orchestra would be playing.  I remember the haze (from the many smokers), the chicken dinners, and the gentleman throwing dancing dust on the wooden floors (one would probably be sued today if someone slipped and fell) when the dancing music was about to begin.
In later years he started playing at church for polka Masses for such events as the Slovene Open and Night in Slovenia Dinner Dances.  To top it all off (for me) he finally played for my ordination reception.  What a night.
Here is a recording of his music. 


Dave Brubeck (a favorite of mine) also died this past week.  He is a jazz genius who didn't really know God in his early years.  At one point he was commissioned to compose a Mass.  Studying the Mass as he would have to do in order to compose the piece he fell in love with God His Church and became Catholic.  Rest in peace!


Elena LaVictoire said...

It's so hard to lose beloved family members, especially so close to the holidays. I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear Uncle and your friend.

Anonymous said...

May God comfort you and your family with his love and grace! Saying prayers!