Monday, October 13, 2008


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: "If you get why we go to confession, if it makes sense, then you are Catholic. If it does not make sense, you may be more of a congregationalist and confession is merely an invasion of your privacy." Fr. Stan Klasinski

QUOTE II - "Over identification with your struggles leads you to the George Washington Bridge." Fr. Gene Fulton


Sorry there are no pictures today. I keep getting an error message from AOL saying that they are not downloading pictures today.

Straight out of the oven: Catholic Carnival 193.

My sister sent this in and I thought it was pretty cool. Place your mouse at the top of the picture (no need to click) and slowly lower your the cursor over the picture.

Barb was kind enough to send this site in called Fidelis. "Fidelis (Latin for faithful) is the universal name for a group of Catholic-based political, legal, research and educational organizations whose collective mission it is to formulate, promote, and defend public policies that uphold religious freedom, human life from conception to natural death, and the traditional institutions of marriage and family."

Attention Writers & Readers!Leoness Books is a newly formed small press specializing in Literary Catholic Writing. Leoness has been created due to the dearth of publishing opportunities for Catholic writers whose work can be described as "Literary, yet artfully overt." Leoness is seeking book-length fiction (both novels and story collections) and narrative non-fiction submissions for their Leoness Book Award, and short stories for their Best Catholic Short Stories, 2010 edition. Leoness Books is also seeking dedicated readers who are tired of the syrupy genre fiction that Christian publishers attempt to pass off as "real life," who are put off by the poorly written Apocalyptic novels that misrepresent Bible teaching, and disheartened by the plethora of literary options for nearly every subset of humanity, except for devout Catholics seeking quality literature inspired by faith. There are several ways to become involved and ensure Leoness Books’ success. Please visit for more information.

Raven Smiles sent this interesting link to the Deacon's Bench which has a link to Lingering thoughts of a vocation? Check it out. They report having a record number of hits lately.

Gentlemen! Are you looking for a group of guys to be with who will help bolster your faith! Think about joining the Knights of Columbus!


Anonymous said...

We have warned you about AOL in the past, no? Don't be obstinate, cut your losses and switch over to a better ISP.

sattvicwarrior said...

Gentlemen! Are you looking for a group of guys to be with who will help bolster your faith! Think about joining the Knights of Columbus!
..I would appreciate it if you took the time to respond to this..
My brother belongs to the Knights of Columbus, so do MANY of my family members. We grew up with that organization .
A strict set of rules applied on those days, One rule by the way was that NO member would be allowed if he was of colour. [ more precise African Americans} and I believe but am not sure one could not be divorced. that was then of course and this is now.
I heard on the news the other day that the knights of Columbus poured over a million dollars into ads discouraging Same sex marriages out in California. .
Now I cant imagine how or why a committed relationship that is sealed in a CIVIL ceremony between two people has anything to do with religious beliefs.
IF a couple chooses to get married in the church of their choice more power to them .But tis a religious choice based on ones faith and is to be honoured.
Just as a civil out of the church ceremony is to be honoured.
I know of a couple of men who have been together for 45 wonderful monogamous years, they make tremendous contributions to the poor and feed the hungry, their donation are presented totally anonymous, ,and are god parents to several families that were baptized in the church..
My question to you is, HOW are these two men a THREAT TO FAMILY VALUES to the point an organization like the Knights of Columbus can pour over a million dollars to create a ad that is totally out of context and ridded with deception?
How does this “ bolster ones faith”?
is the basis of such an organization to win over weak willed men to promote lies and deceit through financial strength. ??
IS this how “ faith is bolstered”??
IS this your way of saying GOD IS MONEY and that's what SPEAKS as TRUTH??

Does SAFETY in numbers constitute truth when out right lies and deception create a statement like that television ad I saw in a state”{ California] where that law has been recognized as valid, and is to be negated by donations from some planet of religious bigotry and hate called Connecticut ??
How many of those “ knights” have been married two and three times that find it necessary to infect their bigotry on for example the two men that are in a committed relationship for 45 years that they NEVER meet or know anything about???
HOW do THIS bolster FAITH???
IS faith then anything you want it to be as long as there is enough MONEY to call the shots?
so then is it ok to say FAITH is MONEY and POWER and CONTROL, and lets use the image of GOD to hide behind our own ignorance. ?
is FAITH then carte blanc to cash in on anything that goes against the will of distorted dogma??
Dont you think it would have been wiser to contribute to the poor and those in need than try and control what other people THINK in the privacy in their own homes living a life in committed and monogamous relationship several thousands of miles away?
When people get married in the church and then finally divorced as the trend seems to be [ 52% of people married in a CHURCH ceremony wind up in divorce] Dont you think that money should have come from the church or organizations like the Knigths of Columbus for a divorce lawyer rather than clog up the civil system with bad choices through religious ceremonies. If they BELIEVE in the church Why shouldn’t the CHURCH pay for this mistake rather than the civil courts?? I would think that would be a true test of family values, and that would have been better use of their money for sure.
Or is that another way of bolstering ones FAITH. knowing that the system works when religion DOESN’T work. but its only applicable for people who create family values that turn out wrong.
I cannot believe you can honestly say the Knights of Columbus bolsters faith when they promote hate and bigotry toward a group of people they dont even KNOW.
People that pick and chose who is good and bad and tell others how they should live despite their own lives are rife with error truly give birth to a new era of bigotry and hate.
SO in conclusion . FAITH is promoting lies and un truths with the hopes that others will follow in their blind folly and anonymous people will suffer no matter what the consequences are because one organization took the time to call the shots for something and someone they know nothing about but had the money to prove they are right?
please advise.
My intention was not to put you on the spot over this. but im just curious to see how you inteperate this. I just sense your a cool dude.; BUT. Maybe the image i have of you is all wrong. and your just like " them" after all .

Unknown said...

Would you consider adding The Black Cordelias to your blogroll? We proudly have Adam's Ale as part of ours.

Fr. V said...

That's odd,

I thought I HAD added Black Cordelias quite a spell back - I had to check to make sure that it wasn't there. Will do! It will just take me a little spell but I'll get tot it!

Fr. V