Thursday, September 25, 2008


The next set windows as we move further back in the Church is in honor of Queen of Prophets, those special friends of God through whom He brought us closer to Him. (Notice we are seeing more blue.)The first window is Jeremiah with pen and paper in hand. He prophesized that Jeruselem would be destroyed and the Temple burned (hence the flames) because of the sins the people. Above him, like a vision in the future, is Saint Luke who quotes Jeremiah in Zechariah's Canticle about God restoring His people. Saint Luke also records the prophecy that the second temple would be destroyed.This window is dedicated to the prophet Isaiah, perhaps the most important prophet for Christians as his prophecies concern the coming of the Messiah. The scroll he holds states, "And he shall be called Emmanuel." Once again, like an vision from the future is the Christ Child (so identified since he has the nimbus or halo with the three tell tale red rays.) To the upper right is Saint Matthew who quotes Isaiah's prophecy about Emmanuel. The saw on the lower right refers to the legend that Isaiah died by being sawed in half.


Unknown said...

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Joe O'Connell, SJ.

Anonymous said...

who or what is right below St. Matthew?

Fr. V said...

Kat - prayer sent

Wayne - Missed that! It is an angel. An angel is a messenger of God and shows God's inspiration in the writing of the Gospel.

Thanks for catching that.