Sunday, March 9, 2008


I have found that the only answer is to love You and be loved by You alone. (5.25)


Jay joyfully announces the opening of Catholic Carnival 162!

Looking for a parish that has adoration in the United States? Adoro brought this site to my attention.

Rich found this great site called Sonitus Sanctus that has many many links to Catholic audios!

Lillian Marie forwarded a site called Sacred Space. It is a great ministry that invites you to, "make a 'Sacred Space' in your day, and spend ten minutes, praying here and now, as you sit at your computer, with the help of on-screen guidance and scripture chosen specially every day.

The GKCleveland has a bit of an emergency. Matthew has a unique problem concerning the new G. K. Chesterton club! "Hi folks, GKCleveland only had one meeting. Now is the time to MOTIVATE to save the club. I was intending on organizing and running this ship, but I am leaving to go into religious life in one week (this is a little unexpected). As such I will no longer be in Cleveland. So, I need YOUR HELP!" Well, congratuations Matthew and if there is anyone out there that can help save GKCleveland, please give him an Email at "You don't have to do everything," he says. But what ever you can do will be greatly apprecitated!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning!

That site has more than just every chpel in the US. If you click on "eucharist" on the left sidebar, it will take you to a library just FILLED with resources, including Saints like Blessed Imelda, etc.

Or you can just copy/paste this link:


OK back to coffee now.