Saturday, June 30, 2007


Thanks to Lilly, I won't have to search high and low for interesting videos for you anymore. Catholic Tube collects them all! Here are two example from this week. This first one might be of interest to those who have been following "Symbolic Saturday"s.

Thanks Lilly!


Jim sent this link to a cool Tic Tac Toe game.

The Diocese of Cleveland E-Newsletter wants you to know about the Catholic Health Association of the United States. It exists to support and strengthen the Catholic health ministry in the U.S., seeking to achieve a vision that is inspired by Biblical justice and informed by the church's social tradition.

Sylvana sent this interesting story about a new television show coming up about priests. I pray it isn't one of those, "If it seems too good to be true" senarios.


Anonymous said...

I anxiously checked out the link for the Catholic Health Association of the United States because I though it might give me some resources for addressing euthansia. Their commitments include diversity, the environment, and socialized medicine. They even site the Kaiser Family Foundation which advocates promiscuity, homosexuality, and every form of birth control under the sun, including Plan B. *Sigh*

You only need look to the Netherlands to see the death caused by socialized medicine. Doctors are constantly being lectured on keeping costs down Some hospitals even have posters showing how expensive care for the elderly is. They legally use "involuntary euthanasia" to clear hospital beds.

I don't think people understand that nothing is "free". You pay for it with your taxes. I certainly wouldn't want to be in Canada and have to wait possibly months if I needed life saving surgery, but that is what happens in a medical welfare state. I'm not saying I have all the answers, but rationed healthcare means no one gets adequate care.

Anonymous said...

way to do your homework, sparky

Anonymous said...


Agreed. Too bad your views are not widespread a la Michael Moore's new movie. The little bit I've heard about "Sicko" is that he places U.S. third behind Cuba and Canada for healthcare. I cringe at how many will believe his jaundiced views on the subject.