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I love "That Catholic Show". Here is one of their 5 minute episodes.


An excerpt from, "Music - We Must Learn to Celebrate" in the Liturgical Arts Quarterly of 2 February 1970 by Fr. Robert Hovda and Gabe Chuck as reported in this month's addition of Adoremus Bulletin.

There are no rigid criteria for selecting good music for the liturgy. In recent months many songs have appeared that could well find an appropriate place in the liturgy; these might include ‘Both Sides Now’, ‘Abraham, Martin and John’, ‘Mrs. Robinson’, ‘Gentle On My Mind’ (there is a real need for good love songs in the liturgy), and ‘Little Green Apples’. In a sense we need ‘disposable’ music just as we need, and to some extent have, ‘disposable’ art objects which are created to last not centuries, but weeks, (or hours). Our secular music is that way; the amount of new material is so great that even many good things pass quickly. While many of the songs from the folk and pop lists (as well as the country-western list or the Broadway list) do not have the depth or quality to last for decades, they still have the power to enrich the liturgy here and now.”

I am quite offended that they did not include music from the "Polka List." Just the same they are correct, some art should be disposable and thank goodness it is. Those felt and burlap banners just did not stand up to the test of time. I hate to say this about my formative years, but it is articles like this that make me glad the 1970's are behind us. Apologies to those who might be offended.

A couple of post ago, Bob had me laughing out loud when he commented, "My parish's church building looks kinda like a big Pizza Hut. But, it's not as bad as St. Pascal's. Their church looks like Darth Vader's head." As fortune would have it, St. Paschal Baylon Church is a bike ride away. So on Friday night I took a little ride north of us to put Bob's observation to the test. Below is a picture of St. Paschal and a picture of Darth Vador's helmet. You be the judge. (The actual Darth Vader is the one that is lower and to the right.)

This comment from Jeron to Wednesday's Adam's Ale was far better than the post on which it was based. I thought it well worth reprinting here in case you missed it. Please remember Jeron next time you find yourself in conversation on this topic. And thank you Jeron for having the courage and care to write this.

"Just my 2 cents as a *Courage* member: it took me about 18 months of faithfully attending *Courage* meetings (after being sexually active in the gay scene for 15 years, both "underground" and out of the closet) to finally understand that my identity wasn't "gay boy" but "child of God." Once I finally understood and accepted that in my heart, God begun the healing (or at least I started noticing the healing). And by "healing" I mean being OK with the Church's teachings on homosexuality and my responsibilities as a Christian Catholic, faithful to the Magisterium. There's a line from the movie *The Spitfire Grill* that has stuck with me for the past decade, and I'll paraphrase: "Do you think the healing of a wound can be as painful as what caused it?" My answer: Not just "yes," but "Hayle Yes!!!" But I have a deep joy now that no one can take away; an abiding sense of "rightness," or integrity, I guess; by which I mean "integral." Things are aligning as they should. I've not experienced a change towards women, romantically or sexually speaking, and that's OK. I'm not sure I ever will. For as long as I can remember I've been attracted to boys/men. I'm grateful the Church doesn't require re-orientation, or I'd be in big trouble! LOL! But that's not to say that I don't have faith God can heal my woundedness. How He does that is up to Him. I'm content to live according to the Church's teachings because I firmly believe it's Christ's Church & this is what HE wants. This was NOT an easy revelation to accept, but by God's grace (truly) I was able to come to this acceptance. There's a verse in Proverbs that helped me along: "Sometimes the way seems true to a man, but the end of it leads to death." In my experience, homosexual persons are social-justice oriented. Maybe in their heart of hearts, as they pursue truth and justice, they'll find Truth - the Person - Jesus Christ ... and be able to accept and return His love. I'm learning to slowly & it's not always easy, but I do what I can. Getting up after falling & beginning again. It's what we're all called to, no matter what our orientation. And Father V., please please please start discussing this topic with folks. People are afraid of what they don't understand. Maybe if more Catholics were aware that they probably know or are even close to someone with this struggle, they may become more compassionate and willing to pray for/work with the SSA person vs. vilify them. God Bless."


Odysseus said...

Luke, I am your father!

Fr. V said...


owenswain said...

That Catholic Show is simply way to good. The script writing and production are spot on and the whole tone of the program is inviting yet chock full of wisdom and grace. Sheesh, if only more of our parishes were like That Catholic Show.

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Anonymous said...

Today's communion hymn is "Celebrate Good Times" by Kool and the Gang, sung in Gregorian Chant.
-Fr. Hovda
Our recessional hymn is "Freak Out"
by LeChic, accompanied by Denny Terrio and the Solid Gold Liturgical dancers.
-Gabe Chuck
*note to Fr.Hovda and Gabe: Important!-FYI-the incense goes in the thurible-not the wacky tabacky.

Cathy_of_Alex said... that's where my former dissident parish got the idea to put those songs in the Mass. 37 years later, they are still in there. Aging hippies.

Jeron: God Bless you.

Anonymous said...


Fr. V (Vader?)

Thanks, Bob.. both those songs are stuck in my head, now.

(I haven't watched the video--I'm even more afraid to, now.)


Adoro said...

Fr. Vader! LOL!
(hmmmmm....that explains a lot....especially the initial "V".....)

Fr. V said...

My minions. We shall crush the rebel forces that wish to take control of the univers(al Church.) There is a disturbance in the force (of the Holy Spirit). Only you can restore truth and win others over to the (not so) Dark (but full of light) side. Bwahahaha!


Fr. V.(ador)

(No relation to Ador - o)