Saturday, June 2, 2007


A. T. pointed out this little ditty that I missed over at WDTPRS. This is almost exactly like what I experienced in Chicago (reported earlier) sans the beautiful high altar. At least now I know where they got the idea. I hope you get as good a chuckle out of it as I did.

Mary Tyler Moore may have missed her calling.


I wonder if this mass would have been welcomed over at Spirit of Vatican 2 Catholic Faith Community? It seems I might not cut it as a good parochial vicar at the parish due to my rating (I am honored that Adam's Ale has been thusly recognized since China is taking their good old time banning me) but I prefer to think that it is because I am too cutting edge for them.

A. T. also sent this interesting and odd little link. Who would have connected Elvis and the rosary? Wonder what was going on in his spritual life?

The Diocese of Cleveland E-Newsletter sent out this link for, the first Catholic web portal that allows users to pick out their own content, layout, and preferences.

Finally, here is just an interesting picture from my short visit in Chicago to visit family. I thought it was pretty cool.


Odysseus said...

Thou shalt not speak poorly of Mary Tyler Moore!

As a little boy I grew up watching reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show and she was my first cruch. I still get little shivers up my spine if I catch a rerun and hear her cry, "Ooooooh, Rob!"

Anonymous said...

Elvis was absolutely no doubt a praying man. As for the Rosary, I suspect he had respect for every sincere prayer/pray-er, but as for the Ave, he loved his own mother to a heartbreaking point, and he may thus have understood the depth of how we sometimes approach Mary.

The clip is cute. Mostly agonizing, but cute, proving once again that volumes can be said without words, too.


Anonymous said...

I have a nephew in seminary for the Diocese of Memphis, TN [he'll be ordained next May]. For the summer, he's been assigned to St Paul's parish, which he tells me, includes Graceland - Elvis' Estate. My nephew says they get all the tourists and 'pilgrims' to Elvis' shrine in their parish church on Sundays, Holydays, etc., especially on August 15, Feast of the Assumption. Elvis died on the morning of August 16, 1977. Thousands come to Graceland to pay their tribute, and offer prayers for the repose of his soul.

Mary Martha said...

I am so sorry that your visit to our fair city included anything even vaguely like that. Though honestly, it doesn't exactly surprise me.

Next time you visit Chicago I suggest you check out Mass at St. John Cantius. There is Tridentine, or Pauline (Latin or English) using the lovely high alter.

You can see pictures of Mass yesterday at my blog.

I like your picture with the bean sculpture. I find myself surprised by the fact that it has quickly become a must see stop on a visit to the city.

Adoro said...

Father V., I'm completely shocked, just SHOCKED that you aren't banned in China.

Actually the last time I checked, I wasn't banned, either.

Clearly, you and I and other Catholic bloggers who have not been blackballed are not doing our jobs correctly. Persecution is the sincerest form of God's love. we just not love God enough?????


Maybe if we all condemn the Chinese government and their atrocious acts against humanity, maybe we'll be banned, then?

Adoro said...

Sorry, hit publish too fast...meant to comment on the photo. Are you in the photo yourself, or did you take the picture?

It IS very cool. How did it turn out that way?

Anonymous said...

Sites are banned when they remind people that in God, they have been freed of tyranny, such as an enforced one-child policy (forced abortion and/or post-birth cessation of life), slave labor that some of our most favored stores employed. China, too, isn't it, that has the highest suicide rate of young people? And it's China, of course, where folks are rounded up at non-State sanctioned Masses.. and it's where priests disappear regularly. The Oblates of ______ here.. bring out every bit of Church news from there whenever and however they can.