Tuesday, August 8, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Unless we live with art, we cannot understand it." On a sign in the Guggenheim 

QUOTE II:  "Art is one of the great resources of my life.  I believe that it not only enriches the spiritual life, but that it makes one more sane and sympathetic . . . " Abby Aldrich

QUOTE III: "I feel like playing a sad song for that guitar collecting dust in your closet."  Dan Smith, guitar instructor.


So last week I was in New York.  Here are a couple of things of interest for you.  Here is a shot of St. Patrick from on top of the Rockefeller building.  Those who took one of my architectural symbolism classes or read it here can easily see the blatant Cross on the architecture of the building when viewed from above.  No mistaking what THIS building is all about!
Last time I visited St. Patrick was many, many years ago and the interior was pretty much black.  This was quite a pleasant shock.  The reason for this shot is for you to see the candle that I lit for all the people of St. Sebastian and for readers of this blog.
On the way home we stopped by Hamburg, Pennsylvania to visit Mr. Eric Armusik and his lovely wife Rebecca and their wonderful children.  As you can see their house was alone was worth the trip. There is something to see in every corner.
The reason we were there was to pick up some new paintings.  Below, in his studio, you can see him presenting the new painting of St. Julie Billiart.  This painting will reside in the new school opening this summer: The Saint Julie Billiart School at St. Sebastian, Akron.  There are two things to note about this painting:  1) The paper she is enAKRONistcally holding is a decree by Bishop Lennon allowing the school to open.  It was the last bit of official business he did before retiring.  2)  It really isn't St. Julie.  There are very few real depictions of her and so he used a model - a cashier in Hamburg, PA.  It is AWESOME!  You should come and visit her.
Peeping over the top of her is G. K. Chesterton which he did for me as a gift.

If you go HERE and then flip through the other paintings, you can find a better picture of St. Julie.

Need more Chesterton news?  Go HERE.

Here is a longer version of the video I posted two weeks ago since that got such a great response:

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