Sunday, August 13, 2017


A few years ago I wrote a Monday Diary about a horrendous trip I took from PA to Ohio entitled, "PA Is All Wet."  If you desire a refresher you may find it HERE.  Basically it was about the fog, torrential rain, standing water, and hail that I went through to get a painting of St. Sebastian by Eric Armusik to St. Sebastian Parish.

Two weeks ago I was in New York with my sister and we took a side trip on the way home to pick up some new paintings from Mr. Armusik: most importantly, one of St. Julie Billiart that will be in the new school.  So we loaded up the car and contemplated going home the same way I had last time.

So we are driving along and - you can ask my sister - this happened:
Then we see these light up signs that say, "Danger: limited sight distance."  No kidding.

It wasn't quite as bad as last time but it was still harrowing.  But PA was not going to give up without a fight.  Storm warning signs came up next and then the rain started.  There needs to be another name for this rain.  It wasn't nice, water your garden rain.  This was I HATE YOU AND PLAN ON WIPING YOU OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH rain.  It was rain with a vengeance.  

A couple of times I hydroplaned and so slowed way, way down.  It was obvious that we were going to be very late getting back now and I was supposed to meet a fellow priest and so had my sister text him and say that I was going to be late.  He texted back:
So we are going a long, already tense, when the phone makes that loud jarring sound that it makes when it about to give an Amber Alert.  We jump and yell.  Then I ask my sister. . .
Seriously PA?  Do you really dislike me that much?
Perhaps not the wisest thing to do.  But I feared if we stopped we would have to stay forever.


Tony M said...
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Tony M said...

Were you on the PA turnpike? If so, your car drawings remind me of a video that your '46 would be at home in! No bad weather in this one, mostly about the tunnels. On a side note, Subarus do very well on the highway in bad weather. I'll tell you a story next week after mass.

MaryR said...

It has been raining 2-3 inches every other day here in PA. This is usually a dry time of the year but this year unusually wet. I suspect you were driving in the mountain area where there is more chance of fog.
I am currently staring at my do a laden grass trying to decide when to mow it. Sometimes, I wonder what God is thinking when He gives us so much of a good thing.