Tuesday, August 29, 2017


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND:  "Grief is only love that has come up against its oldest challenge."  This was heard on the radio so I'm guessing at the spelling of the name Kate Braystrop

QUOTE II:  "Do you want to know how to get rid of a philosopher?  Give him $20 and take the pizza."  Fr. Jacob Bearer from his talk at Theology on the Rocks.


D. B. sent in THIS article about a Catholic school down playing their Catholic identity in order to reach out to more people.

D. S. sent THIS article about architecture and front porches (a favorite topic of mine.)

Saw THIS on Facebook: "Rules for My Son."  I would have added some religious touches in there but these are great.

Coming soon to Theology on Tap, Akron!

Coming soon at Theology on the Rocks:

We know we have been "packing them in."  I really, really thought by now the crowds would be down to about 30 or 40.  But last week Fr. Jacob set a new record.  We are looking for a new venue (relatively close to the St. Sebastian boundaries) for larger crowds.  If you have any suggestions we would be glad to hear it.  It needs to be a restaurant/pub, have a large room, separate room, and provide us with appetizers as needed - that is, if we have 30 people, they put out food for 30 people.  If we have 120, they can make snacks for 120.

Organized religion may less popular but belief in Satan is on the rise.  M. C. sent in THIS article.

Birthday bonfire:
M. W sent in THIS link if you want to see and read about Bishop Perez's coat of arms.  Scroll down to page 20.

I lost track of who took this picture and sent it in:
P. V. C. sent in THIS article about Welsh seminarians nearly thrown out of pub.

This week's video cannot be embedded.  You have to go to Youtube HERE in order to see a video made by a Catholic high school in Connecticut.  (2:17)  Thank you S. D.

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Stephen the Scolos said...

Dear Fr. Valencheck,

Not many people know this, but the picture you have in this blog of Father Bearer, IS HIS 8TH GRADE PHOTO! Oh Yea!