Tuesday, September 14, 2010


FINDING TRUTH WHEREVER IT MAY BE FOUND: “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” Anon.

QUOTE II: “It is true we cannot turn the cheek to the smiter; it is true that we cannot give our cloak to the robber; civilization is too complicated, too vainglorious, too emotional . . . The command of Christ is impossible, but it is not insane; it is rather sanity preached to a planet of lunatics.” From Chesterton’s, “Twelve Types.”


For those wondering who Fr. D is that wrote last week's post on ke$ha, he is none other than Fr. Damian Ference, a professor of philosophy at our seminary. I forgot to ask him if I could include his name on Adam's Ale (sometimes people prefer to have only their on-line name posted) and so gave him the moniker Fr. D. Since you asked and he gave permission I post his name now with apologies and an invitation to send a post whenever he can.

Speaking of Fr. Ference, he sent this in. There's going to be "a great night on men & women at St. Mary's in Hudson in October. Fr. Larry Richards will be presenting on masculinity and Dr. Helen Alvare will present on femininity. This night is for teens, young adults, and older adults. Both of you would enjoy the night, and I imagine you might want to encourage others to come." Here is more information about the parish.

Valentino sent this in: "Hi, We are running a non-profit site; only for the sake of information sharing. We visit your site regularly. Recently we came across the "Blogroll" section in your site. Since our site is also based on regular news updates, we believe it would surely help us to be more effective if we get your site’s link." Go here to see more.

C.K. made us aware that the play based on C. S. Lewis's "Screwtape Letters" is coming to Cleveland October 15th and 16th to the Ohio Theater. It may be time for another ADAM'S ALE EVENT! Anyone interested in going? Leave a reply or Email me directly at JAVALENCHECK@AOL.COM. Here is more information. Thanks CK!
Since someone asked, the St. Sebastian Chesterton Society site has been updated. Click at the side or here.

Russ sent this video in (about 2.5.) One of the reasons social scientists say churches are losing people is because our belief in God is largely superficial - we rarely speak of the sacrifice involved. That makes this video at least interesting to discuss.

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