Saturday, March 31, 2007


This one is a little odd I will grant you. But maybe it will spark some thought. It is called "Sin".

C.B. sends along this link and recommends it for people who are discerning direction in life.

Habemus Papem reports that the Cedar Lee Theater in Cleveland has begun advertizing for the movie "Into Great Silence" opening on April 13th!

The Catholic Diocese of Cleveland E-newsletter included this link for a virtual tour of our Diocesan Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist.
Happy Palm Sunday!


sattvicwarrior said...

the PATHWAY PIC thingy. dude. unless im missing the point. its
such SELF INDULGENT TWADDLE!!!!!! romatic and egomanical self indulgence.
...... im dissapointed in you ,. . tis TOTAL CRAP. and i had a feeling you were a little more enlightened!!!!!!!![ sigh]
what did YOU GET OUT OF IT? ??? what am i missing here?

Rob said...

It's no use. You Tube will not allow me to see any video at this point. No matter what I do.

Fr. V said...

Rob - Apparently that is a good thing according to sattvicwarrior. I just thought it interesting - and not even sure that I completely "get" the symbolism though the dying to self thing is great.

uncle jim said...

help mme out here ... you referencing the youtube video or the discernment two-paths picture link