Sunday, March 18, 2007


Markus sent word from the Eternal City that a great movie is coming our way, "Into Great Silence." This week's Sunday Video On Tap will take you to a site that has an explanation of the movie as well as a trailer. (Why do they call them "trailers" if they come before the movie?)

Habemus Papam noticed that over on "For God, For Country, and for Yale," he has a link (found here) with information about where this film will be showing in the United States.

Clevelanders will be happy to know that it is coming to the Cedar Lee Theatre on April 13th. The Cedar Lee is a mere twenty minute drive west from good ole' Saint Clare.

In other news, the Saint Rose Young Adult Group mailed out this link as a good place to find Catholic resources.

The Diocese of Cleveland in their weekly on-line bulletin sent out this link for a Catholic news service.

And Finally - Here a couple of posts for those looking for a different angle to the contraception debate. The first is from Adoro Te Devote and the second from Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering.
God bless & Happy Sunday


Adoro te Devote said...

Thanks for the link, Father V, and really, lots more people need to be reading Snoring Scholar - she's an incredible writer.

I posted another one on contraception, too...her post inspired me further. Amazing how that happens; Catholics inspiring each other...

Anonymous said...

This documentary isn't coming anywhere near us. *sigh.. but you folks enjoy -- I will look forward to hearing about it.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the link, Fr. V, and thanks to Adoro for her kind words. *blushing*

Anonymous said...

Regarding contraception:

One of the things that leaves me "punched in the face by truth" is that, when I do my own independent research, science always backs the church up, even though the media tells you we are the enemy of science.

Human Life International has a report on condom effectiveness that compares Thailand and the Phillipines fight against AIDS. Their populations are almost equal and AIDS arrived in their contries at the same time. Thailand used a program of 100% condoms, the Phillipines used Catholic Bishops' guidelines of abstinence before marriage and fidelity after. As of 2003, Thailand has approx. 9,000 AIDS cases per million, the Phillipines has approx. 100 per million. The report sites similar successes in Uganda and similar failures in Kenya, Cambodia, etc.

I never knew how to defend the Church's position on this issue until I did my own research. Even without the research, I guess it doesn't take a genius to see that if contraception is supposed to prevent unwanted preganancy and disease, why did we have such of surge of both starting around ohhhh..the 1960's?

Fr. V said...

Thanks Sparky! If only more people would look into things like that rather than trust what the boob-toob tells them to believe!