Sunday, March 11, 2007


Yes, I still have not figured out how to post videos the nice way everyone else does. *sigh* But here is "God in the Streets of New York City." Gives me chills.

On an interesting side note, the web site for the Diocese of Cleveland Secretariat of Catholic Charities Health and Human Services has an interesting link to a meter that counts the cost of the war in Iraq as well as several other endeavors by us as a nation.

Being rather intrigued by this, I set about looking for a meter that estimates the number of abortions. I found one here. I have not looked through the site thoroughly at all, but at least found this mter helpful for understanding the magnitude of the deaths.

And if you are interested in a lighter draught, here is a sight just chuck full of meters. Though some are outdated or no longer in use, there are still some really cool things here.

Good Sunday and God bless!


Barbara said...

God in New York City brought tears to my eyes. Why are we not doing more of this? What are we afraid of? In addition to praying for vocations, we must pray for holy boldness for all of God's people.

uncle jim said...

I e-mailed a link to this 'God on the Streete of NYC' to our pastor, to the Deacon in charge of Adult Formation Programs, and to the layperson who heads-up our parish Echaristic Adoration for Vocations effort.

Wonder if they'll take the hint.

I suggested our 3 local parishes [small town] join the effort together.

paramedicgirl said...

That's a beautiful video. What a wonderful thing to do, to not be afraid to process through the streets with the Blessed Sacrament held high.

Fr. V said...

My last parish was not in the middle of but near the edge of no where. There was no place really to process but around the church with a benediction at an outdoor shrine. We were however on a busy street. One time a guy yelled out the car window, "What are those Catholics doing now?" Can't help but think that some impression was given to all those cars going by.

Rob said...

-One time a guy yelled out the car window, "What are those Catholics doing now?"-

And I'll bet you, the next time he considered religion, or felt disillusioned by the mindless commercialism of society, he remembered that solemn procession and at least gave some thought to Catholicism. We evangelize with our actions more than anything else. I am sure everyone remembers St. Francis' statement.

Debbie said...

Great Video Father, God bless. I would love to see that done right here in Cleveland. That would be so awesome.

Defund Abortion Guy said...

You are living in the Abortion Capitol of Ohio. Despite similar populations to Columbus and Cincinnati, Cleveland has twice as many abortions:

I am sure CRTL could give you more info.