Thursday, May 7, 2020


About a year ago, when I brought home the magnificent icon of St. Sebastian, written by Mother Iliana of the Christ the Bridegroom Byzantine Monastery, asked if I had another saint that I wanted because people were asking about commissions and there would be a waiting list.  (There is a waiting list now measured in years.)  I asked for St. Joan of Arc because I was ordained on her feast day and my class took her as our patron.

I received a phone call about a week ago that said that St. Joan was ready and that I could come pick her up!  Fr. Anthony and I, feeling a little housebound, jumped on the chance for a road trip to Burton, Ohio where the Monastery is.  

When we got there, the sisters were not quite ready to greet us so we went to visit the shrine which was technically closed (and VERY muddy) which made it nicer for us to pray.

The monastery is under quarantine by order of their bishop so we couldn't go in so Mother Iliana brought Joan out to us.  
 Here is just a glimpse of St. Joan.  I don't want to completely reveal her until her feast day.
But let me say this - this is a phenomenally gorgeous icon!  Well done!  I love it and am looking forward to praying with it!  It is the same size as our St. Sebastian icon which stands at the front doors of the church currently to remind to pray through the intercession of St. Sebastian who is the saint to invoke against the spread of contagious diseases.


Anonymous said...

I have a special affinity for St. Joan of Arc as her feast is my birthday. Looking forward to seeing her.

Anonymous said...

I am *so* happy to see you and Fr. Simone and the lovely sisters looking so well and healthy! Thanx for the pictures!

St. Joan of Arc was a valiant, courageous defender of the Faith (and a Third Order Franciscan!) God bless you, Fr. Simone, Mr. Kelly, Deacon Terry, and all our good neighbors at St. Sebastian - Sue from St. B

JoAnne said...

Our two priests Father Tom Ferrera and Father Steve Marsh say the Saint Sebastian prayer after every daily Mass at St Michael's Parish in Leamington Ontario Canada. They have several things on Facebook for our spiritual growth while we have to be away from the Sacraments. Because I've been hearing this prayer for times of pandemic, I feel a connection to you at St Sebastian's Parish! Thank you for your very enjoyable blog