Sunday, May 3, 2020


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This made me laugh, as I sit here with my hair 7 weeks overdue for a cut and color, and my nails in sad shape and in desperate need of professional help. Honestly, though, as the quarantine drags on, it seems to be less important every day - or perhaps I am becoming a slob. I haven't used any makeup in that time because it rubs off on the mask I wear in public - and besides, who can see the lipstick when I'm wearing a mask anyway?! (On the upside, if I feel like sticking my tongue out at a disagreeable person, I can do it and no one will be the wiser, except my guardian angel - sigh!) I guess, when things get back to whatever the new normal will be, we will go back to
stressing about our appearances, but until then, I suppose we will have to live in our personal wildernesses like St. John the Baptist. And I have a feeling he didn't care what anyone thought of his appearance!! Stay healthy and blessed! - Sue from St. B