Tuesday, November 28, 2017


TUESDAY QUOTE OF THE WEEK:  "We are repeatedly told not to talk about sex, even though the rule-makers talk of little else."  from Archbishop Chaput's, "Strangers in a Strange Land"

QUOTE:  "The Catholic faith, more than any of its Protestant cousins, is a religion not just of the mind and will but also of the bodily senses.  And while the senses can make mistakes, when it comes to sexuality, they ground us firmly in the real."  same source


Some friends and I went to visit our friend and artist Mother Mary Thomas PCPA at the Conversion of Saint Paul Shrine in Cleveland.
You might remember her painting that has been covered extensively here:
It is finally finished and on its way to its new home which, when I know more, I'll tell you about.

But she is not done!  She is working on new projects!  More recently she delving into stained-glass windows.  We got to see the life-size drawing of one destined for Florida. 
Here is a color rendering of the window which is being produced in cooperation with Azure Studio of Cleveland.
If you would like a reminder of who she is, HERE is a video:

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